Refugee Inflow Drops By Staggering Amount Under President Trump

You will never hear it on CNN or read about it in the New York Times but President Trump continues to make progress on the nation’s immigration problems.

In what is yet another example of the successful policies of the Trump administration, the president has announced that the 2020 cap on refugees will be set at 18,000.

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To put that number in perspective, it is a stunning drop from the 85,000 cap set during the last year of the catastrophic Obama regime.

Even more remarkable?

The POTUS has been undermined for three years by Democrats, the Deep State, the activist media and the Ryan-Romney globalists in the Republican party.

Via Breitbart News:

The refugee inflow into the United States is set to be reduced by at least 40 percent for 2020 compared to this year’s admission totals, where 30,000 refugees were resettled across the nation.

President Trump has signed off on the refugee resettlement program’s cap for Fiscal Year 2020, the Associated Press confirmed. For the year, no more than 18,000 refugees will be resettled in the U.S. — an at least 80 percent reduction to former President Obama’s refugee inflow. This is merely a numerical limit and not a goal federal officials are supposed to reach.

Compared to this year, Trump will be reducing refugee admissions by at least 40 percent. For Fiscal Year 2019, which ran between October 1, 2018, and September 30, 2019, a total of 30,000 refugees were resettled across the U.S.

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Crooked Democrat frontrunner Joe Biden stuck to his party’s America Last script by blasting the new number as “cruel and inhumane” via Twitter.

Additional details according to Voice Of America News:

The administration designated alternative areas of focus for refugee resettlement through the end of September 2020.

They include: refugees persecuted or with a well-founded fear of persecution on account of religion (5,000); Iraqis who aided U.S. officials or agencies (4,000); and nationals of El Salvador, Guatemala, or Honduras (1,500).

The remaining 7,500 will come from:

— Referrals by U.S. embassies

— Family reunification (“Priority 3” or a following to join petition)

— Refugees located in Australia, Nauru, or Papua New Guinea subject to an arrangement between the United States and Australia; and

— Those who were in “Ready for Departure” status as of Sept. 30, 2019.

The last point will allow for those refugees whose travel was delayed as a result of the belated presidential determination.

While this does little to address the horrendous national security and humanitarian crisis at the southern border that Democrats have enabled, it does put the nation on a positive path forward for Trump’s second term.

During a rousing speech in Monroe, Louisiana on Wednesday, the president also made it clear to the globalists and neocon warmongers that infest both parties that times are changing.

If the Democrats impeachment scam implodes and they are left with the mangy gaggle of socialist freaks and establishment con artists of their 2020 field, it is increasingly possible that Republicans will regain control of the House next year and then Trump can really get down to business.

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