‘PURE DISCRIMINATION’; Kavanaugh Drops The Hammer After SCOTUS Declines Religious Liberty Case

Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh is not happy about a recent decision by the High Court to decline hearing a case that would decide if churches in New Jersey are entitled to public funds for historic preservation.

Morris County, where the case derived from, historically has given money to churches that had historical significance so that the properties could be taken care of to preserve their aesthetic and unique characteristics.

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However, this all changed in 2015 when a county freeholder stated that his tax dollars shouldn’t be used towards this cause.

This ruling consisted of a four-year battle in Morris County where The New Jersey Supreme Court ended up ruling that the county would no longer be giving out historical preservation grants to 12 churches in the region.

“At some point, this court will need to decide whether governments that distribute historic preservation funds may deny funds to religious organizations simply because the organizations are religious,” Kavanaugh said.

Kavanaugh wasn’t the only Supreme Court Justice who wanted to vote on the issue.

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Samuel Alito and Neil Gorsuch also agreed that this was an important issue that needed to be recognized.

Check out what Fox News reported:

Kavanaugh noted that just because the court did not take up the issue does not mean it agrees with the lower court’s ruling.

“Barring religious organizations because they are religious from a general historic-preservation grants program is pure discrimination against religion,” Kavanaugh wrote.

He said denying the organizations funds simply because it is religious “would raise serious questions under this Court’s precedents and the Constitution’s fundamental guarantee of equality.”

The high court recently reversed a Missouri law preventing a Lutheran school from getting public funds to make a playground safer.

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Kavanaugh makes a good point.

The fact that these churches aren’t allowed to receive funds just because they are affiliated with a religion, is indeed religious discrimination.

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