Principal Orders Student To Remove Pro-Trump Shirt, Then She Gets Removed

In a story that received national attention, a student at a North Carolina high school was ordered to remove his jersey bearing President Trump’s name by the school’s principal.

Students attending last Friday’s Harnett Central High School game were encouraged to dress patriotically for what was called USA America night which would presumably honor the concept of freedom of expression.

But when the male student showed up with his red white and blue jersey with “USA” across the front and “TRUMP 45” on the back, he triggered those who don’t believe that patriotism is compatible with supporting the nation’s president whether or not you agree with his policies.

One of them was Principal Cindy Gordon who delivered the news to the 18-year-old that his attire was unacceptable and that he was to remove the jersey which he did despite his feelings that he had been humiliated in public.

The story then exploded after the student’s father went to the media. The jersey was created by a New Jersey sports jersey company called Jersey Champs.

According to a statement issued by the school district:

“While we cannot comment on specific student issues, the Harnett County Schools supports and affirms students’ rights to express themselves. As long as the expression does not disrupt, and is not reasonably expected to disrupt, the educational mission of the school system, these rights include wearing clothing expressing political messages or supporting political candidates.”

The school district soon had a major public relations problem on its hands as it was thrust into the middle of the contentious ongoing political war over the 2016 election and chose to remove Principal Gordon from her position.

Via the Charlotte News & Observer, “Harnett principal replaced after she asked student not to wear Trump jersey”:

A Harnett County high school principal has been replaced, a week after she asked a high school student to remove a jersey that bore President Donald Trump’s name on the back.

The Harnett school system on Friday announced a new principal for Harnett Central High School. The district said the change is directly related to the actions taken by former Harnett Central Principal Cindy Gordon last week in asking the student not to wear the Trump shirt.

The district announced leadership changes at several of its schools, including Harnett Central, on Friday afternoon. The changes are “effective immediately,” according to the district news release.

The high school had encouraged students to dress with a patriotic theme for the football game on Oct. 5, ABC11 reported.

Catherine Jones, the current principal at Harnett Primary School, will be the new principal at Harnett Central High. Calvetta Dunkins, an assistant principal at Dunn Middle School, will be the interim principal at Harnett Primary.

The news release did not mention Gordon’s name nor say whether she is now employed by the school system.

Even though the district did not specifically state that Gordon was removed from her job because of the jersey incident, the timing is such that it leaves little question as to why it was done.

Many Americans have been gobsmacked over the intolerance, hostility and outright hatred expressed toward the legitimately elected president, the American flag and to a larger extent, the nation’s entire history by hysterical celebrities, politicians and the media and it is quite possible that the pendulum may be starting to swing in the opposite direction.

A recent study indicates that 80 percent of Americans are turned off by political correctness – which HBO’s Bill Maher mentioned on his show this week – and the midterm elections are suddenly looking less like the much ballyhooed great blue wave is going to roll in.

Could it be that intolerance in the name of tolerance has already jumped the shark?