President Trump Trolls Nancy Pelosi With Brutal Tweet About The Election

President Donald Trump trolled House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday morning with a savage tweet about the midterm elections.

On Tuesday, Democrats reclaimed the U.S. House of Representatives. However, they lost several critical races across the country. Republicans won major gubernatorial races in Florida and Georgia as well as gained at least four seats in the U.S. Senate.

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With Democrats set to take over control of the House in January 2019, Trump wants to make sure Pelosi is the next Speaker of the House.

“In all fairness, Nancy Pelosi deserves to be chosen Speaker of the House by the Democrats. If they give her a hard time, perhaps we will add some Republican votes. She has earned this great honor!” Trump wrote via Twitter.

Pelosi has long been a top target for Republicans given her radical left-wing viewpoints energize conservative voters across the country.

Trump is joking that Pelosi being the Speaker will only ignite Republicans when the presidency, House, and Senate are back on the ballot in 2020.

He knows that 2020 will be another hotly contested election, and conservatives seeing Pelosi in power for two years will undoubtedly fire them up.

Pelosi also really wants to become Speaker again, and that was evident in her bizarre victory speech on Tuesday night.

While addressing the media, Pelosi said Democrats will “resist” Trump, called for “rebuilding water systems,” and then broke into an awkward victory dance.

After randomly mentioning “rebuilding water…uh…systems,” Pelosi stole a line from Trump, the person she claimed to be against all night, saying she wanted to “drain the swamp.”

“Today is more than about Democrats and Republicans,” Pelosi shouted to the crowd. “It’s about restoring the constitution’s checks and balances to the Trump administration.”

Watch below:

Then, Pelosi broke out a weird dance move.

As noted by I Love My Freedom’s Clayton Keirns, Pelosi has big plans for running the House and going after Trump.

The shift in House power will cause the Trump train to travel over Democratic speed bumps, checking their power on major issues such as health care, taxes, and whatever else Trump decides to push in the next two years leading up to 2020’s election.

Issues such as reduced drug prices, which Trump fought to remove the gag order from pharmacies, or perhaps things like infrastructure improvement could be worked on, but may find new levels of difficulty.

Pelosi was quoted as saying that she had no intention of impeaching Trump if she became the Speaker of the House again.

Trump understands that Pelosi in power, getting more face time on cable news, and appointing people like Rep. Adam Schiff, D-CA, and Rep. Maxine Waters, D-CA, to chair committees will only fuel Republicans in 2020.

For Trump, losing the House isn’t ideal. But, Pelosi back as the number one target for 2020 is a dream come true — which is why he is trolling her.

VOTER POLL: Do you approve or disapprove of President Trump’s job performance?

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