President Trump Pays Surprise Thanksgiving Visit To Troops In Afghanistan

On Thanksgiving Day, President Trump once again showed how much he values the sacrifices of our military when he made a surprise visit to Afghanistan.

The leader of the free world’s secret trip bolstered morale for those great Americans who weren’t able to be home with their families because they are protecting us from the bad guys and Trump’s presence was a reminder that their service is as appreciated as it is vital.

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With no advance notice of the trip, the POTUS was able to maintain operational security as he was stealthily moved from Mar-a-Lago to Bagram Air Field which is located north of Kabul where he shared a holiday dinner with the troops as well as engaged in some diplomacy with the country’s leaders.

Via Stars And Stripes, “Trump thanks troops on Afghanistan visit, says Taliban talks are ongoing”:

Trump arrived at Bagram Air Field shortly after 8:30 p.m. local time Thursday and spent 3½ hours on the ground during his first trip to the site of America’s longest war. He served turkey and thanked the troops, delivered a speech and sat down with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani before leaving just after midnight. He arrived back in Florida, where he is spending the holiday weekend, early Friday morning local time.

As per tradition, reporters were under strict instructions to keep the trip a secret to ensure the president’s safety in the country. About 12,000 U.S. forces remain in Afghanistan.

Traveling with Republican Sen. John Barrasso of Wyoming and a small clutch of aides, including his acting chief of staff, press secretary and national security adviser, Trump appeared in good spirits as he was escorted around the base by heavily armed soldiers, as the smell of burning fuel and garbage wafted through the chilly air. Unlike last year’s post-Christmas visit to Iraq — his first to an active combat zone — first lady Melania Trump did not make the trip.

Trump’s first stop was a dining hall, where the crowd erupted into cheers when he arrived. There, he served turkey to soldiers dressed in fatigues and sat down for a meal. But he said he only tasted the mashed potatoes before he was pulled away for photos.

“I never got the turkey,” he told the troops. “A gorgeous piece of turkey.”

During his visit, Trump announced that the U.S. and Taliban have been engaged in peace talks and insisted the Taliban want to make a deal after heavy U.S. fire in recent months.

“We’re meeting with them,” he said. “And we’re saying it has to be a cease-fire. And they don’t want to do a cease-fire, but now they do want to do a cease-fire, I believe … and we’ll see what happens.” All The Top Trump News WITHOUT The Liberal Censorship

During President Trump’s tenure, America has taken the battle to those who hate us for our freedoms and after all but destroying ISIS, he is looking to deal with the Taliban which is a stark contrast to Barack Obama who will go down as one of the greatest appeasers in the history of this great nation.

But Thursday was all about the troops:

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To all of our readers here at ILMF, we hope that you had a Happy Thanksgiving and may God Bless America and our troops.