POLL DISASTER: More Americans Support BORDER WALL Over Green New Deal

Democrats may already be overreaching with their full-throated promotion of the socialism that is at the core of their centerpiece Green New Deal which has become a litmus test for the contestants who are vying for the party’s 2020 presidential nomination.

Having now abandoned any pretense of being pro-capitalist and pro-American, the Dems are on the brink of pulling off a radical transformation of this nation that only a few short years ago would have been unthinkable.

The refusal to accept the results of the legitimate election and their descent into a morass of race-baiting and conspiracy-mongering allowed the seeds of socialism that were planted by the canny Bernie Sanders to blossom in the form of media sensation Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a woman whose “expertise” in setting the agenda comes from the time that she spent as a bartender.

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All that the Democrats need to do is to sell their socialist snake oil to enough ignoramuses and millennials to retake the presidency and begin the process of doing to our constitutional form of government what their shock troops have already done to civil war memorials and statutes of a number of the Founding Fathers.

But despite a broad-based coalition of Trump haters in the media, it may not be an easy sell – at least according to the results of a stunning new poll.

In the poll which was conducted by the nonpartisan Remington Research Group, a greater percentage of Americans prefer a border wall as advocated by President Trump to the socialist Trojan horse that is AOC’s Green New Deal.

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Via Breitbart News, “Poll: Majority of Americans Favor a Border Wall over a Green New Deal”:

A majority of Americans would rather have a wall sealing America’s southern border than the Green New Deal, according to a poll released on Wednesday.
Fifty-one percent of Americans say that they would rather have a border wall on America’s southern border, compared to 31 percent who say that they want a Green New Deal, according to a poll released by Remington Research Group.

Republicans said that they would prefer a border wall by a 68-point margin, while Independents said that they would prefer a border wall by a two-to-one margin.

Overall, a majority of Americans, or 51 percent, said they oppose a Green New Deal, 51 percent of Democrats support the radical environmental program, while Republicans and Independents overwhelmingly oppose Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (D-NY) idea outright.

Titus Bond, president of Remington Research Group, said Democrats face an uphill battle trying to convince Republicans and Independents to back the Green New Deal while still trying to appeal to their base. Bond said:

The Green New Deal has presented an interesting situation for Democrats. Democratic voters support this legislation, while the rest of the country overwhelmingly opposes it. It will be intriguing to watch Democratic leaders and presidential hopefuls navigate this issue with their base while still appealing to mainstream voters.

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Not only should the poll be a wake-up call to Democrats but a few members of the media have begun to speak out against the imposition of socialism and forced asset confiscation of the reparations schemes that are supported by top candidates including frontrunner Kamala Harris.

One of those breaking ranks is Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen whose devastating warning of impending electoral doom is the proverbial canary in the coal mine.

According to Cohen from his piece, “The Democratic Party is trying to gift reelection to Trump”:

I don’t quite know what a handbasket is, but the Democratic Party is in one headed toward electoral hell with its talk of socialism and reparations. Given a Republican incumbent who has never exceeded 50 percent in Gallup’s approval ratings poll, and who won the presidency thanks to a dysfunctional electoral college, the party is nevertheless determined to give Donald Trump a fair shot at reelection by sabotaging itself. In fact, it’s veering so far to the left it could lose an election in 1950s Bulgaria.

If Americans are not about to embrace socialism, they certainly are not about to support reparations. This proposal, which seems to have come out of nowhere, has the support ofDemocratic presidential hopefuls Elizabeth Warren, Kamala D. Harris, Julián Castro and Marianne Williamson. This supposed redress for slavery — nothing can redress slavery — polls abysmally. Sixty-eight percent of Americans oppose making payments to descendants of slaves, and 72 percent oppose paying reparations to African Americans in general. Among whites, 81 percent oppose payments to descendants of slaves.


The problem for the Democrats at the moment is that much attention is being focused on political novelties such as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), who espouse both socialism and reparations. Ocasio-Cortez is ferociously telegenic, infectiously likable and clearly inexhaustible.

She is also political poison, the product of a freak election in a New York district where the past has taken root — socialism and a lot of rot about the evils of capitalism. She cheered Amazon’s decision to forsake New York for friendlier climes, taking at least 25,000 jobswith it. (Amazon’s founder and chief executive, Jeffrey P. Bezos, also owns The Post.) For a mere first-termer, this is quite an accomplishment. It usually takes much more seniority to do this much damage.

A normal political party in normal times would quickly see that socialism is a lower with the larger population outside of the coastal elite enclaves and urban hellholes and chart a course correction.

Unfortunately for Dems, the captain of the ship is either drunk or has dementia (possibly both) and is steaming straight toward the iceberg.