“Pocahontas” Warren VOWS to Put Millions of Americans Out of Work First Day In the Oval Office

On the day the August 2019 jobs numbers were released, showing historic levels of unemployment for black Americans, one 2020 Democrat presidential candidate came up with a way to make millions of jobs disappear.

Tells you how much she loves her country, doesn’t it?

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On my first day as president, I will sign an executive order that puts a total moratorium on all new fossil fuel leases for drilling offshore and on public lands. And I will ban fracking—everywhere.

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Hey, Pocahontas…here’s the rub – via Heartland:

A 2015 Harvard Business School/Boston Consulting Group study estimates fracking supported 2.7 million jobs in 2014, with the potential to grow to 3.8 million jobs by 2030. Similarly, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) prepared a report for the American Petroleum Institute that estimates the oil and natural gas industries supported 10.3 million jobs in 2015, an increase of about 500,00 compared to 2011. The RAND Corporation projects the industries will support an additional 1.9 million jobs by 2035. By the same year, a 2012 IHS Markit study estimates fracking will have created 3.5 million jobs.

A 2016 Chamber of Commerce study projects that if the fracking revolution of the previous decade had not occurred, 4.3 million jobs would not have been created, the U.S. economy would be $500 billion smaller and residential natural gas prices would be 28 percent higher.


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While I’d like that, you can say goodbye to Ohio and Colorado… Prop 112 didn’t get any support and the fossil fuel industry got it passed by using it as job killer bait. Have to solve that problem first, Mrs. Warren.

What are the politics of a fracking ban in PA nowadays? They still don’t even tax it, right?

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