Pelosi Faces Mutiny As Extremists Clamor For Impeachment

Nancy Pelosi has been cool on impeachment due to the potential that it could put the House Of Representatives right back in Republican hands next year but the Speaker may be unable to suppress a growing mutiny among socialists and other extremists in her caucus.

Recently Pelosi has made efforts to quell the lynch mob by warning that voters in competitive districts care more about “kitchen table” issues than blood vengeance for Hillary’s loss but is about to learn that hard way that you cannot reason with fanatics.

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It may soon dawn on the leader of the Democrats that she made a monumental strategic blunder by promoting the array of new “diverse” candidates during last year’s midterms because a good many of those newly elected House members are possessed of revolutionary fervor and a single-mindedness to – in the words of Rep. Rashida Tlaib – “impeach the motherf*cker.”

The mutinous socialists as lead by 29-year-old ex-bartender and Twitter valkyrie Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who immediately jumped on the Mueller report that exonerated Trump from collusion with the Kremlin to demand that he be impeached anyway.

To hell with the constitutional bar of high crimes and misdemeanors, this is personal on a very disturbing level for the fully radicalized progressives and their Congressional Black Caucus allies and it just got more so with the first of the 2020 candidates demanding that the House quit lollygagging around and get their asses in gear with the lynching.

Pelosi now finds herself in a bit of a dilemma and stuck between spending the next 18 months trying to keep control of the house by appealing to the actual concerns of voters and giving in to the lunatics and their high stakes zero-sum game against Trump who could bust the party back to zero.

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Via Bloomberg, “Pelosi Pressured as Progressives Demand Impeachment Post-Mueller”:

Pelosi and other Democratic leaders have been trying to tamp down impeachment talk for months, arguing that voters are growing weary of Trump investigations and that most Senate Republicans wouldn’t vote to remove the president from office. Impeachment proceedings also would overshadow Democrats’ legislative agenda on gun control, violence against women and health care that they want to use to shape the 2020 campaign debate.

But Pelosi and other members of her leadership team are having to tread carefully between progressives like Ocasio-Cortez and Tlaib, who represent safe Democratic areas, and the more moderate representatives from swing districts who were key to the party regaining control of the House in 2018 and are concerned about backlash from their constituents. The same dynamic has been playing out among the party’s presidential candidates.

On Monday, Pelosi is scheduled to hold a private conference call with Democratic House members, in which the topic of impeachment could be raised.

Her top lieutenants were trying to put the brakes on impeachment talk without completely dismissing the idea.

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Pelosi may be many things but she isn’t stupid and well understands that outside of the toxic Trump Derangement Syndrome media bubble, what Barack Obama once described as a “shellacking” awaits her party when ordinary Americans get their chance to voice the only opinion that matters.

Further complicating matters for Pelosi is Tom Steyer, the zany obsessive billionaire who has been pouring millions of dollars into the coffers of the most extreme Democrats as well as a massive propaganda campaign to make the case for impeachment.

Steyer is none too happy to have invested a reported nine figures into the doomed Clinton campaign in 2016 and then watched it all swirl down the toilet when voters pulled the lever.

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He could be looking at a similar loss next year if Democrats push their luck too far on impeachment and then reap the whirlwind of their folly come election day.

As for Pelosi? She has a hot mess on her hands right now but it’s hard to feel sorry for her because she is the one who cast her lot with Ocasio-Cortez and the mob in what may very well go down in history as the most shortsighted political mistake ever.

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