Party Of Tolerance: 70,000 Dems “Like” Tweet About Running Over 7-year old Trump Supporter

The “loving and tolerant” Democratic Party is at it again. This time, its about their support of running over and killing a 7-year old Trump supporter who is raising money for the much needed wall on the southern border.

“Benton Stevens raised $22k with his hot chocolate stand to help build the wall! We were honored to have him at our ribbon cutting ceremony yesterday for the wall he helped pay for along with all of you who donated. This is only the beginning and we’re excited to keep building more to protect our nation and the legal citizens who proudly call American their home!” We Build the Wall said on Facebook.

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In response to an article relating to the topic, founder of Awful Records and “comedian” Zack Fox tweeted a meme of someone running over the boy in their car. The tweet has received over 70,000 likes.

Check it out below:

Fox’s internet profile says the following: “It’s clear that Zack enjoys using the Internet to troll and make art because he’s so good at it. His illustrations use vibrant linework and uncomfortable humor full of nipples and phalluses; his work is almost enthusiastically offensive. Since I’ve known Zack primarily as an illustrator, I was intrigued when I noticed he started producing text-infused objects and memes. I caught up with Zack to see what he is thinking about and what he is working on.” All The Top Trump News WITHOUT The Liberal Censorship

Stevens has been working hard for President Trump, raising over $22,000 for the border wall. Check out what The Hill reported:

A 7-year-old from Texas who’s raised $22,000 for the construction of President Trump’s U.S.-Mexico border wall attended a ribbon-cutting ceremony for a section of the structure on private land.

Benton Stevens, whose hot chocolate and lemonade sales have helped fund the project, joined members of crowdfunding group “We Build The Wall” in Sunland Park, N.M., for the ceremony, KFOX reports.

“We were honored to have him at our ribbon cutting ceremony yesterday for the wall he helped pay for along with all of you who donated,” the group wrote on Facebook.

Benton’s work started after Trump issued a fresh call for the structure during his State of the Union address this year, Fox 35 reports.

“Benton decided right then and there that he wanted to help the president build the wall,” his mother, Jennifer Stevens, told Fox 35.

Starting in February, Benton set up a hot chocolate stand in his family’s community, and since then, he’s launched his own lemonade and hot chocolate brand, Benton’s Stand, that sells products online.

Benton plans to continue fundraising by setting up a lemonade stand this summer, Fox 35 reports. His goal is $50,000.

This little boy has more class and respect than “comedian” Zach Fox ever will.

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