Here at, we have a wonderful team of writers who love our country and support our President. This page is dedicated to helping you get to know our writers on a personal level. Feel free to follow any of them on social media and give them a shout out!

Clayton Keirns – Chief of Content & Marketing, Writer

Clayton Keirns is part owner and head of content & marketing at Apart from his love for politics, Clayton loves reading about investing and business. He also loves to rock climb, travel, and go to the beach. Clayton joined the ‘I Love My Freedom’ team in 2016.

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Martin Walsh III – Writer, Editor at Large

Martin Walsh is a politics writer for I Love My Freedom and has been a Trump supporter since he came down the escalator at Trump Tower and announced his candidacy for president. When he’s not covering politics and calling out fake news, Martin enjoys spending time with his family and rooting for his Ole Miss Rebels!

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Jack Murphy:

Jack Murphy is a part owner of I Love My Freedom. Outside of writing for the site, he manages the commerce operations at I Love My Freedom. Jack, an avid digital marketer, is the youngest member of the I Love My Freedom team. Jack spends his free time dominating his brother on the tennis court.

Jack gained some Twitter fame since 2015, gaining over 220,000 followers on Twitter @RealJack.

Chris Donaldson:

Chris Donaldson is a freelance writer and independent researcher who has been onboard the Trump train since day one. He eats, sleeps and breathes politics and dispenses his unique insight with the subtlety of an ice-cold snowball of truth to the head.

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