OUCH: Hillary DISSES Huma Abedin; “one of my staffers”…

She’s singing a VERY different tune this week…

Although we never expected “loyalty” to be one of the top virtues of one Hillary Rodham Clinton, it’s pretty crazy to see her throw one of her best friends under the bus.

Huma Abedin has been her closest aide for YEARS, but somehow in less than 3 days she’s been reduced to “one of my staffers”.


From the Daily Mail:

“Now Huma is just ‘one of my staffers’ after close aide gets left behind on Ohio campaign trip while Hillary keeps up her war on the FBI after its stunning decision on her emails.

  • Hillary Clinton flew to swing state Ohio Monday after an intensive Florida push over the weekend
  • She once again blasted the FBI for announcing it is reopening its investigation of her emails just days before the elections
  • ‘There is no case here’
  • She said investigators should look at her ‘staffer’s’ emails ‘by all means’
  • Abedin stayed behind in New York as Clinton flew to campaign 
  • Democrats are furious at FBI Director James Comey and accuse him of meddling in the election
  •  On Saturday and Sunday, Clinton hammered the FBI for reopening its inquiry into her email scandal, singling out FBI Director James Comey for taking action so close to a presidential election 
  • On Monday, she was introduced by Bruce Blair, a former ICBM launch control officer
  • ‘Donald Trump would have the power to single handedly launch a nuclear strike on his own at any time he chose with a single phone call’ 
  • Calls on Trump to ‘immediately disclose all of his ties’ and connections to the Kremlin 

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton blasted the FBI again Monday – and this time brought up the bureau’s probe into emails maintained by longtime aide Huma Abedin – dismissing the idea she did anything wrong while minimizing the role of her close staffer.

‘Now they apparently want to look at emails of one of my staffers – and by all means they should look at them,’ Clinton said, bringing up the FBI attack at the start of a rally before a room packed with students at Kent State University.

‘And I am sure they will reach the same conclusion they did when they looked at my emails for the last year. There is no case here. And they said it wasn’t even a close call,’ Clinton said.

The staffer Clinton failed to name was Abedin, who has been at her side since Clinton was first lady. Clinton considers her like a surrogate daughter as well as longtime confidant.

Abedin has been known for years to be Clinton’s gatekeeper, and has been revealed in State Department emails as someone constantly consulted on matters relating to Bill Clinton, top donors, close friends, celebrities, who gets face time with the first lady, and paid speeches that pose potential conflicts.”


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