Oprah’s new movie TANKS in the box office and the Director is already blaming white people

When all else fails, blame racism.

At least that’s the motto for the vast majority of radical leftists in Hollywood nowadays.

In case you didn’t already know, Oprah released a new movie by Disney called “Wrinkle In Time” and it’s absolutely bombing in the box office (much to our delight).

According to RottenTomatoes.com, only 35% of audience members liked the movie:

As Forbes.com points out, their opening weekend of $33 million was a major disappointment:

Walt Disney’s A Wrinkle in Time was the top newbie of the weekend, even if it placed second during Black Panther’s fourth weekend. But rank is less important than raw grosses, and the film’s $33.3 million Fri-Sun frame has to be classified as a disappointment.

If it’s lucky, it’ll leg it out like the other March Disney biggies If it’s not lucky, it’ll flameout like Where the Wild Things Are which snagged a $32m debut weekend but then ended with just $77m domestic in late 2009.

And instead of blaming bad acting or a bad storyline, Director Ana DuVernay is blaming racism for the movie’s poor results in the box office.

When called out by a movie critic, she blasted him for being “the only caucasian journalist to see it”:

Twitter immediately ripped her to shoes by pointing out that the movie “Black Panther” is shaping up to be one of the biggest box office successes of all time…with a mostly ALL BLACK CAST.

Yet somehow HER movie is a victim of racism?

Here’s what they said on Twitter:

Here are some of the most brutal reviews of this terrible movie:

What are your thoughts on the director blaming racism for her movies failure? Comment below…

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