One of “The View” hosts claimed not to be a LIBERAL after Meghan McCain took her to TASK!

Yeah right.

Meghan McCain let it all out on while co-hosting on “The View” Tuesday after one of her co-hosts trashed our VPOTUS while trying to claim to not be a liberal.

How the White House responded to Rob Porter’s resignation due to allegations of domestic abuse was the subject at hand. They were calling out Pence and his Christian values.

“How is the Trump administration a values-driven administration?” one of the hosts Sunny Hostin questioned. “I don’t see the values in that administration with Rob Porter beating…”

“Values, a lot of times, is a reference to being pro-life,” McCain shot back.  “In the political term of what it means… valuing life. It is an old term that has been used in politics, it didn’t just start with the Trump administration.”

Hostin stepped back on McCain’s claim as inaccurate by saying that “values-driven” also meant being “pro-marriage… pro-having good values… pro-compassion, pro-empathy.”

McCain’s body language showed that she was gearing up to unleash on Sunny.

“I don’t know how to say this in a way that doesn’t sound disrespectful,” McCain snapped. “I understand, if you’re a liberal, obviously you have certain problems with Mike Pence, obviously. I mean, we see the world through very different veneers.”

“Why am I a liberal?” Hostin countered.

“I just assumed you were, because…” McCain quickly said.

Hostin was obviously upset. “that’s not a great assumption.”

“Well there’s very few things you’ve said on this show that show me… I apologize, you’re a conservative I guess,” McCain concluded.

“I don’t… you know what, I’m not in this fight today.” McCain could see where it was going.


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