Ocasio-Cortez Isn’t Even A Member Of Congress Yet, And She’s Already Taking A ‘Self-Care’ Break

New York Democratic Rep.-elect Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez isn’t even a member of Congress yet, but she’s already taking a break to care for herself.

On Monday, the 29-year-old socialist took to Twitter to announce that she will be taking a “few days” to pamper herself with “self-care” to help prepare for her new new job in Congress.

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“I’m taking a few days to take care of myself before what is sure to be an eventful term. For working people, immigrants, & the poor, self-care is political – not because we want it to be, but bc of the inevitable shaming of someone doing a face mask while financially stressed,” she wrote.

“So I’ve decided to take others along with me on IG as I learn what self-care even means and why it’s important. Feel free to comment here & share any resources or suggestions that have been helpful to you,” she added in a second tweet.

Ocasio-Cortez was responding to a tweet from a user who praised her for being so “honest” with her supporters.

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Many also mocked the soon-to-be lawmaker for already complaining about needing a “break” given she’s not actually employed yet.

She’s a private citizen and won’t be sworn in as a member of Congress until Jan. 3. So what does she need a break from?

Since bursting onto the political scene, Ocasio-Cortez has made a slew of mind-boggling comments.

Last week, Ocasio-Cortez called outgoing White House Chief of Staff General John Kelly a coward and said he owed Rep. Frederica Wilson, D-FL, an apology.

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“John Kelly was straight up exposed for lying about @RepWilson in comments aimed at discrediting her,” Ocasio-Cortez wrote. “He absolutely owes her an apology, and his refusal to do so isn’t a sign of strength – it’s cowardice,” she added.

Ocasio-Cortez is referring to a feud that occurred between Kelly and Wilson last year.

Wilson “overheard” comments made by President Donald Trump to the widow of Sgt. La David Johnson, a U.S. soldier who was killed during a mission in Niger.

Trump said on the call that Johnson “knew what he was getting into,” and Wilson used that small snippet of the entire call to portray the president as lacking empathy for the death of a U.S. soldier.

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Kelly, who said he was in the Oval Office when Trump made the call, defended the president by saying Wilson was an “empty barrel” and was taking the president out of context.

Before that, Ocasio-Cortez misquoted the U.S. Constitution and falsely claimed that the age restriction to run for president only applies to men.

She has also claimed that the Trump administration “has been criminal from the start” and called White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders a liar.

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