NYT Runs Disrespectful Video Before Fourth Of July That Downplays America’s Greatness

Leave it to the New York Times to find a way to convince the masses that Trump is not making America greater, and that the Land of the Free was never great.

Yes, just in time for the 4th of July, they shamefully want to convince you that you shouldn’t be proud of our country, our flag, or all of the things that make us great.

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Is anyone shocked at their incivility?

As reported by the Washington Examiner:

The New York Times published a video by senior producer Nayeema Raza and Taige Jensen questioning America’s greatness.

“America is the richest country in this club, but also the poorest,” the video stated about the country’s standing among the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, or OECD, a collection of 36 of the richest countries in the word.


You don’t say! So America is the richest, and the poorest?

It’s obvious that we are the richest, but what exactly makes us the poorest?

And what exactly determines your definition of “poor” when those that “live in poverty” have TV’s, cell phones, and food stamps?

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Dinesh D’Souza wrote about this perplexity:

Rich people live well everywhere. But what distinguishes America is that it provides an impressively high standard of living for the “common man.” We now live in a country where construction workers regularly pay $4 for a nonfat latte, where maids drive nice cars and where plumbers take their families on vacation to Europe.

Indeed, newcomers to the United States are struck by the amenities enjoyed by “poor” people. This fact was dramatized in the 1980s when CBS television broadcast a documentary, People Like Us, intended to show the miseries of the poor during an ongoing recession. The Soviet Union also broadcast the documentary, with a view to embarrassing the Reagan administration. But by the testimony of former Soviet leaders, it had the opposite effect. Ordinary people across the Soviet Union saw that the poorest Americans have TV sets, microwave ovens and cars. They arrived at the same perception that I witnessed in an acquaintance of mine from Bombay who has been unsuccessfully trying to move to the United States. I asked him, “Why are you so eager to come to America?” He replied, “I really want to live in a country where the poor people are fat.”

Indeed, according to Diabetes Journals, our country is different than other countries because our poor are not skinny, like in other places in the world- they’re actually FAT:

In contrast to international trends, people in America who live in the most poverty-dense counties are those most prone to obesity (Fig. 1A). Counties with poverty rates of >35% have obesity rates 145% greater than wealthy counties.

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Although the makers of the controversial New York Times video try to make it seem as though we have a high poverty level, they fail to mention that poverty in the US is like luxury-life in the countries that they compared us to, such as Nigeria and Pakistan.

Truly, the most woebegone piece of the video was the last phrase given:

“How great America is really depends on how rich you are. America may once have been the greatest, but today America: We’re just okay.”

Just okay? Really?!

I beg to differ. I propose that America was just “okay” under Obama, and that it is becoming greater and greater with each passing year of the Trump administration.

Don’t believe me? Why do you suppose we are having such a crisis at the border? Why do you suppose that families are risking their lives (and even losing their lives) to come?

People weren’t swarming to get in to Obama’s America. In fact, they were leaving.

According to the UCLA Civil Rights Project:

The Great Recession of 2008 marked the end on an era in Mexico-to-US migration, and by 2010 there were as many Mexicans returning to Mexico as there were coming to the US (Passel, Cohn & Gonzalez-Barrera, 2012). By 2014, more Mexicans were returning to Mexico than coming to the US (Gonzalez-Barrera, 2015).

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that we have something that the rest of the world doesn’t have. And apart from other nations, Americans are more kind and generous with what they have than any other nation in the world.

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As reported by the Independent:

America has been named as the world’s most generous nation in the world, where its citizens give the most to charity, according to a new report.

The USA, New Zealand and Canada have the highest rate of charitable donations as a percentage gross domestic product (GDP), the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) found.

And did you know that Americans are the most generous people on the planet?

In 2016, Americans gave away a total of $390.1 billion, a 4.2% increase from 2015.

Honestly, I could go on and on about how the world benefits from the existence of the United States.

According to Forbes, we also make the world a better place with our medical innovation and research that we share with the world.

According to LoveMoney, the United States is #1 in technological innovation, artificial intelligence, global cultural influence, wealth (we have 565 billionaires!) aerospace & aviation, and higher education.

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But what if you’re a bleeding heart liberal? What makes America so great for them?

According to Love Money, there are a lot of things that even Liberals can cheer about:

America does land preservation better than any other country. The US has a total of 25,800 protected areas, ranging from old-growth forests to untouched deserts, which make up an impressive 14% of the total land area in the country.

That’s pretty great, right? But what about the environment?

As reported by the Environmental Defense Fund:

Our air is not just cleaner than places such as China; America has cleaner, healthier air as far as dangerous particulate matter than Germany, Italy, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Japan, Austria and France.

I think that most people that believe the the US was never great are those who have never gone elsewhere.

As unpatriotic as the New York Times is, they are also out of touch with the real realities in other countries that make people want to fight so hard to get here.

God bless Donald Trump for how he continues to fight to Keep America Great, and God Bless the United States of America.

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