Nunes Files Racketeering And Conspiracy Lawsuit Against Clinton Allies

Trouble is on the horizon for the opposition research firm that played a crucial role in the Deep State plot to overthrow President Trump.

Not only was Fusion GPS being paid by the DNC and Team Hillary in the creation of the now-infamous dirty dossier that was used to defraud a FISA court but the company also worked to smear Rep. Devin Nunes.

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The former GOP head of the House Intelligence Committee was the target of a joint operation by Fusion GPS and liberal nonprofit attack dog the Campaign for Accountability to thwart his efforts to get to the bottom of the Russian collusion hoax.

Now Nunes is suing the bastards!

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In a $9.9 million lawsuit that was filed last week, the relentless congressman accuses Fusion GPS, dirtball founder Glenn Simpson and the CFA of racketeering and interference with his investigation into the coup plotters.

Via The Washington Examiner “Devin Nunes accuses Fusion GPS of racketeering in federal lawsuit”:

Congressman Devin Nunes filed a federal lawsuit Wednesday against opposition research firm Fusion GPS, its founder Glenn Simpson, and left-leaning watchdog group Campaign for Accountability, accusing them of “racketeering” and interfering with his congressional Trump-Russia investigation.

Nunes, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee until Democrats won the majority in 2018, claimed that Simpson, Fusion GPS, and the Campaign for Accountability illegally conspired to “harass” him in an attempt to “hinder, delay, prevent, or dissuade” him from looking into issues surrounding the federal investigation into the Trump campaign and the Russian government, and to scare him off from investigating possible wrongdoing by Simpson and Fusion GPS.

The California Republican is asking the judge to award him $9.9 million in damages.

The 35-page complaint Nunes filed in the Eastern District of Virginia today pointed to a Daily Caller article from early August that revealed the Campaign for Accountability hired Fusion GPS as an “independent contractor” in 2018 and paid the firm close to $140,000 for research. And the Nunes lawsuit alleged the watchdog group and the opposition research firm then colluded to target him and stymie his efforts, pointing to three ethics complaints filed by the Campaign for Accountability allegedly “in concert with” Fusion GPS in an effort to “chill reporting of Fusion GPS and Simpson’s wrongdoing” and to dissuade Nunes from making criminal referrals to the Justice Department.

Nunes described Fusion GPS as “a political war room for hire that specializes in dirty tricks and smears” and the Campaign for Accountability as a “dark money, partisan, left-wing” nonprofit that he said targets mainly conservatives.

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Nunes discussed the lawsuit with Fox’s Sean Hannity:

As Rep. Nunes so perfectly points out, the hypocrisy is overwhelming. It was Fusion GPS that was playing both ends by taking money from Russian oligarchs while at the same time, providing dirty Obama holdovers like James Comey and Andrew McCabe with lies that would be used to falsely accuse the POTUS of being in cahoots with the Kremlin.

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It could be a rough month for the Clinton allies at Fusion GPS as the propaganda chop shop also figures to be featured in the long-anticipated DOJ Inspector General report into the FISA abuses that lead to the surveillance of Trump and his associates.

Rumors are that when IG Michael Horowitz’s meticulous investigation is released that there will be a flurry of criminal indictments soon after.

Could it be that Nunes will be the least of the firm’s problems?

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