Newly Resurfaced Abortion Remarks From Creepy Joe May Seriously Damage Campaign

Former Vice President Joe Biden is running away with the race for the Democrat nomination while the media acts as his cheerleaders but he can’t escape the past and his long history of comments that are inconsistent with the party’s new radicalism.

Specifically, it is lunchpail Joe’s lack of enthusiasm for abortion that are coming back to haunt him in an era when Democrats have been invigorated by an extreme interpretation of “women’s rights” that borders on outright infanticide and is being championed by members the Hollywood mob who are de facto leaders of the party.

Floppy Joe was able to overcome his opposition to federally funded abortions after some arm-twisting by loony D-list actress Alyssa Milano led to a major flip-flop on his longtime stance but now has to deal with yet another blast from the past.

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According to CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski who unearthed 2006 remarks from the frontrunner, Biden stated that he did not view abortion as a “right” and that when it came to protecting the unborn, that he was the “odd man out” in a party that was still years away from the extremist version that it has become today.

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According to the self-proclaimed “most trusted name in news” who just dropped a bomb on their own top contender:

Former Vice President Joe Biden described himself in 2006 as an “odd man out” within his own party on the issue of abortion, saying he made all sides angry with his approach.
Biden made the comments ahead of his 2008 presidential bid in a March 2006 interview with Texas Monthly. Video was later posted on YouTube in 2008 and reviewed by CNN’s KFile. The interview highlights how Biden has long staked out a more middle-ground approach on abortion rights compared to many in the Democratic Party.

In the 2006 video, Biden called himself the “odd man out” in the Democratic Party on the issue because of his votes to limit government funding for abortion and votes in support of bans on certain late-term abortions.

“I’m a little bit of an odd man out in my party,” Biden said. “I do not vote for funding for abortion. I voted against partial birth abortion — to limit it — and I vote for no restrictions on a woman’s right to be able to have an abortion under Roe v. Wade. And, so I am — I made everybody angry. I made the right-to-life people angry because I won’t support a constitutional amendment or limitations on a woman’s right to exercise her constitutional right as defined by Roe v. Wade. And I’ve made the groups — the women’s groups and others — very angry because I won’t support public funding and I won’t support partial birth abortion.”Biden also said he would have difficulty navigating the issue in a Democratic presidential field.

“It’s going to be very difficult,” Biden said. “I do not view abortion as a choice and a right. I think it’s always a tragedy, and I think that it should be rare and safe, and I think we should be focusing on how to limit the number of abortions. There ought to be able to have a common ground and consensus as to do that.”

“I think the vast majority of the American people think that can be done. But unfortunately, we’re put in the position, you’re either, ‘eliminate abortions under all circumstance’ or quote ‘abortion on demand,'” he added. “The fact of the matter is, I’ve never known of a woman having an abortion say ‘By the way, I feel like having an abortion.’ It’s always a tragic decision made. Always a difficult decision. And I think we should focus on how to deal with women not wanting abortion.”

Biden campaign spokesman Andrew Bates did not directly address the former vice president’s 2006 comments when reached for comment, but said Biden supports abortion rights.

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Neither Biden nor Milano has yet issued an official statement but good old Joe has already made it clear that he knows who’s the boss.

Biden’s troubles are highlighted by the resurgence of Elizabeth Warren who while being a socialist zealot doesn’t go as far as Comrade Bernie does in that she stops short of calling for a full-blown revolution and she doesn’t carry the abortion baggage. Pocahontas is now in second place and closing ground rapidly.

The 76-year-old Biden’s sparse campaign schedule has elicited questions about his durability and his stump speeches haven’t exactly lit crowds on fire and he has slowly been slipping in the polls. His time as the presumptive nominee may be very short indeed if more evidence that he doesn’t pass today’s purity tests continue to emerge which they inevitably will.

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