Nicole Kidman breaks pattern with Hollywood and gives SURPRISING support to Trump!

At least SOMEONE in Hollywood has their head on straight…

Over the past few days, we’ve talked a lot about how much Hollywood despises Trump. After Meryl Streep’s disgusting attack on President Trump, we didn’t think there were many more mature voices in the City of Angels…

However, we were VERY wrong about that! Surprisingly, Nicole Kidman just showed a nice bit of support for our new President!

Check out what she had to say via the Daily Mail:

“She’s travelling the world to promote the Australian film telling the tale of an Indian boy adopted by Tasmanian parents.

But Nicole Kidman found herself facing questions about the President-elect of the United States this week, and she says we need to support Donald Trump once he’s in office.

Speaking to Victoria Derby from the BBC the actress also spoke about Australian politics, confirming that she supports gay marriage.”

Finally there’s SOMEONE in Hollywood who doesn’t act like a whiny brat! Lets all say a big THANK YOU to Nicole Kidman!