Newsweek Fires Reporter Over Fake Trump Thanksgiving Story

The reporter who wrote the fake news story that President Trump would be spending Thanksgiving golfing and tweeting instead of making a trip to visit with our troops on Thanksgiving has been shown the door.

Moving to contain the damage from one of the most egregious fake news fables of the year, Newsweek has fired Jessica Kwong whose Twitter bio states that she is a political reporter “covering Trump administration and family” for the blunder.

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Ms. Kwong’s story blew up right in Newsweek’s smug faces when the news broke that the commander in chief had made a stealthy departure from Mar-a-Lago and flew into Bagram Air Field near Kabul where he visited the troops for a very special Thanksgiving that they will likely never forget.

Amazingly, the surprise visit was able to maintain operational security with no leaks until it was officially reported and the anti-Trump propagandists at Newsweek were forced to acknowledge that they crapped the bed.

The once respectable publication took heavy fire once the cat was out of the bag.

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Now, in an attempt to contain the damage, Kwong has been kicked to the curb although it is incomprehensible that any editors weren’t also packing their belongings into brown cardboard boxes and waiting for security to escort them from the premises.

Via The Washington Examiner, “Newsweek fires reporter who wrote inaccurate story on Trump’s Thanksgiving Day plans”:

The Newsweek reporter who wrote an inaccurate story about President Trump’s Thanksgiving Day plans has been fired. The outlet’s original story claimed the president only planned on tweeting and golfing during his holiday break, neglecting to mention his trip to Afghanistan.

Newsweek’s Jessica Kwong, whose Twitter handle identifies her as a political reporter “covering Trump administration and family,” initially published the article Thursday morning, before the president’s trip to Afghanistan was announced publicly. The story’s initial headline was, “How is Trump spending Thanksgiving? Tweeting, golfing and more.”

“Newsweek investigated the failures that led to the publication of the inaccurate report that President Trump spent Thanksgiving tweeting and golfing rather than visiting troops in Afghanistan,” a Newsweek representative told the Washington Examiner. “The story has been corrected, and the journalist responsible has been terminated. We will continue to review our processes and, if required, take further action.”

Hours after the president’s trip was announced, Newsweek edited Kwong’s story and added a note at the bottom of it. The beginning of the story now focuses on the president’s trip and his speech to the troops, while the new headline reads, “How is Trump spending Thanksgiving? Tweeting, golfing — and surprising U.S. troops in Afghanistan.”

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But Kwong isn’t going quietly and is blaming the dumpster fire on one of Newsweek’s editors:

According to the now unemployed reporter:

Trump headed to Afghanistan to surprise U.S. troops on Thanksgiving … Deleting this tweet because it was written before knowing about the president’s surprise visit to Afghanistan-an honest mistake. Story has already been updated, as shown in the screenshot.

Some may find it a bit strange that every “honest mistake” made by the biased hacks in the crooked and incompetent media are always on stories that portray President Trump in a negative manner and the corrections and editor’s notes are never added until the damage has already been done.

Is there any wonder that millions of Americans hate and distrust the media?