New Polls Showing Black Voter Support For Trump Will Give Dems Nightmares

The nightmare scenario for Democrats may be about to become a reality if new polls are correct in pointing out a trend that could cost them the 2020 election.

According to the polls by Rasmussen and Emerson, President Trump’s popularity is surging with the critical black demographic despite years of race-baiting and pandering by Dems.

Last Friday’s Rasmussen poll has the president’s support among black voters climbing to 34 percent with Emerson putting the number at 34.5 percent which if it continues – or even grows – could be the driving force of an electoral earthquake not seen since 1984 when Ronald Reagan won 49 states.

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Democrats have bet the farm on fomenting racial discord and demonizing white people who they should have been reaching out to after Hillary’s White House dreams were snuffed out in the Rust Belt by the white working-class voters who she ignored.

Meanwhile, there has been a growing exodus of blacks from their radicalized party and it isn’t going to stop.

Rising support for the POTUS with black voters is also a sign that just like everybody else, that the critical demographic votes with their own economic self-interest in mind and are well aware that under Trump that black unemployment has never been lower nor their prospects for success ever been better.

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Via Breitbart, “Democrats’ Worst Nightmare: Polls Show 34 Percent of Black Likely Voters Approve of Donald Trump”:

A Rasmussen poll released Friday showed black likely voter approval of Trump at 34 percent. An Emerson Poll showed 34.5 percent approval by the same demographic.

“Boom,” wrote black author and Trump supporter Deneen Borelli on Twitter, calling the results “Democrats worst nightmare.”

The Trump campaign celebrated the news.

“It might shock Democrats that support for President Trump is rising with Black Americans but it shouldn’t,” Trump campaign Principal Deputy Communications Director Erin Perrine said to Breitbart News. “Blacks are more prosperous than ever because of President Trump with record-low unemployment and rising paychecks.”

The polling bump only bolstered the Trump campaign’s decision to launch a “Black Voices for Trump” political coalition in November.

“We’re going to campaign for every last African American vote in 2020,” Trump said in a speech, launching the group with black supporters in Atlanta, Georgia.

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The polls results come shortly after the Trump campaign launched “Black Voices For Trump” at an event in Atlanta that was attended by both the president as well as Vice President Mike Pence.

According to the website Black Enterprise which has a readership of African-American business people and entrepreneurs:

The Black Voices for Trump coalition launch is kicking off Nov. 8 with a 3 p.m. rally at the Georgia World Congress Center. During the rally, Trump is expected to address the black unemployment rate and highlight a program in the Republicans’ 2017 tax-cut legislation that encourages investors to put money into underserved communities.

“Black Americans have never had a better champion than President Trump,” Katrina Pierson, senior advisor at Donald J. Trump for President Inc., wrote in a statement emailed to Newsweek. “The Black Voices for Trump coalition will be a national effort to mobilize and empower Black Americans who support President Trump to help get the message of ‘Promises Made, Promises Kept’ into communities across America.”

She added, “Under President Trump, unemployment for African Americans has reached historic lows and nearly 1.4 million new jobs have been added for African Americans. Black Americans’ strong support for President Trump will ensure a second term for the President.”

In 2016 only 8 percent of blacks voted for Trump but this time around the numbers will be far better with the economy booming and Democrats only having impeachment and conspiracy theories to offer.