New Midterm Polls Show Republicans Taking The Lead In Many Major Races

If you’re a Republican Senator or Red-State Democrat and you vote against Brett Kavanaugh this weekend, you might be receiving some really bad news this November.

Republicans are seeing a Kavanaugh boost according to new polls likely due to the Kavanaugh battle currently taking place in our country.

Democrats are fighting tooth and nail to stop Brett Kavanaugh from becoming our next Supreme Court Justice, the utter hatred and endless predictable attacks on the Kavanaugh family are bringing much needed energy to the Republican Party during an election when President Trump isn’t on the ticket.

According to Fox News:

There’s been an uptick in GOP interest in all five states surveyed.  Compared to early September, the number of Republicans feeling “extremely” interested in the upcoming election is up by 2 points in Arizona, up by 9 points in Indiana, up 8 points in both Missouri and North Dakota, and up 11 points in Tennessee.  In each state, Republicans are now just as likely as Democrats to say they are extremely interested — erasing an edge Democrats had in several states last month.

The battle over Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the U.S. Supreme Court might explain increased interest in the election among Republicans.  And how incumbent Senate Democrats vote on Kavanaugh could tip tight races, especially in Missouri and North Dakota.  Voting against his nomination hurts more than helps the Democrats in those states.

Democrat Kyrsten Sinema is currently leading Republican Martha McSally by 2 percent at a 47-45 percent margin in the Senate race to fill spineless Republican Sen. Jeff Flake. In early September, McSally was down by 3 percent. The smallest jump we’ve seen but it’s still a small gain in the right direction.

Democratic incumbent Joe Donnelly, who initially said he wouldn’t be voting for Brett Kavanaugh before pulling back after the FBI investigation opened, leads Republican challenger Mike Braun by two points (43-41 percent). If Donnelly doesn’t vote for Brett Kavanaugh in a state President Trump won by nearly 20 percent, he’ll be setting himself up for a monumental loss.

Potentially one of the most flippable seats in the country: Missouri. Democratic incumbent Sen. Claire McCaskill has blown her 3% lead she’s held for months, now tied to Republican Josh Hawley at 43 percent. Hawley has been slowly trending up over the last few months with the Trump Campaign putting an emphasis on Missouri. Claire has stated she won’t be voting for Brett Kavanaugh, a daring challenge for her in a Red-State.

North Dakota is turning into a thrashing, as Democrat incumbent Heidi Heitkamp is now trailing by 12 percent to her Republican challenger Kevin Cramer. The 12 point lead is an 8 point gain from last month. Heitkamp has not declared whether or not she’ll be voting for Brett Kavanaugh, though that might be her only chance of coming back in the extremely red North Dakota.

In Tennesse, Republican Marsha Blackburn is pulling away from Democrat Phil Bredesen. She now holds a 5 percent lead over the Democrat in the fight to control the seat left by retiring Republican Senator Bob Corker.

Overall, every Republican is seeing a bump since early September with the exception of Indiana which has remained fairly steady.

According to Five Thirty Eight, Republicans have a 7 in 9 chance of holding the Senate.

Do you think the Kavanaugh boost is real?