New poll shows 59% of Independents trust Trump; Look what they said about Obama in 2014…

Love it

If you talk to any Democrat, they will say that Barack Obama was the greatest thing that ever happened to our country. However, once you talk to every-day Americans, they will likely tell you otherwise.

Proof of that is taken from a brand new Fox News poll that shows that Republicans & Independents have a high level of confidence in President Donald Trump!

This new poll shows that 93% of Republicans & 59% of Independents have confidence in the President. The best part of this poll is to compare it to the numbers in 2014, when Obama was in office.

According to this poll, Trump is 20-POINTS ahead of where Obama was in 2014! This is what we love to see!

We’re so glad to see the American people rallying behind our President to make America GREAT again.