Nancy Pelosi Sends Fear Mongering Fundraising Email To Avenge Barack Obama

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is still under the impression that most Americans think she is a good and honest Christian woman. as she sent out a fundraising email Monday vowing to “avenge” Barack Obama. We all know by now that this basically adds up to her tweeting to her Twitter followers that she will be opposing President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee.

In her glorified GoFundme email, Pelosi admits that she is super desperate for money and that we the taxpayers should pay her even though she doesn’t really need it. As we all know, this fundraising cash does in fact pay for her lavish lifestyle while homeless people and Veterans sleep in their own waste on the streets of  San Francisco every night thanks to her policies.

Fox News points out that Pelosi started off by saying this in her email:

 “I emailed on Saturday. I emailed on Sunday. Now I’m emailing you again today.”

She then goes full on scammer by writing that she is going to get revenge on the Senate Republicans and alleged that  Obama’s 2016 Supreme Court nominee, Merrick Garland seat was stolen. Pelosi’s position does not include overseeing Supreme Court nominations and she has no authority whatsoever over the confirmation process, so the email appears to be a blatant cash grab, to raise money for House Democratic candidates.

“I just learned that SECONDS after Trump’s announcement… Republicans will launch an unprecedented $1.4 MILLION ad blitz to support his nominee,” Pelosi wrote. “I’m worried this will eviscerate our chance to make Republicans pay for the Supreme Court seat they STOLE from President Obama.”

Pelosi and her gang of hater-crat friends Sen. Bob Casey, D-Pa and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y. have also been telling anyone who will retweet them that they too will be super petty and oppose Trump’s pick no matter who it is.

The Democrats have lost all sense of rational governing and several of them are refusing to even attend the nomination announcement ceremony, which is unprofessional and petty.

It appears as though the White House is not phased and plans on having the announcement event without them.

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