Nancy Pelosi Reveals Exactly What She Plans To Do If Trump Wins Re-Election

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi revealed on Tuesday exactly what she plans to do if President Donald Trump wins re-election in 2020.

While speaking at a Cornell University’s Institute of Politics and Global Affairs event in New York City, Pelosi said Democrats would respect the outcome of the presidential election if Trump wins a second term.

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“Oh, I think we have to respect the vote of the people,” Pelosi said.

“Winning an election is a decision,” she continued. “You decide you’re going to win, and therefore, you make every decision in favor of winning.”

“We respect the vote of the people,” Pelosi said. “I’m not sure that President Trump would have respected the vote of the [2018] election if we had won by a few seats, by a few votes — he would have challenged the whatever it is. But that’s not who we are. Yes, if he wins.”

“We have to make a decision that [Trump’s] not going to win and that decision some times has an unease for some people who may want to go way in one direction or the not.,” Pelosi said. “But rather than saying we just have to win, true to our values, so that we can do so many good things for the American people.”

“But no, we have to respect the results of the election,” she added. “I don’t believe [Trump] would have.”

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Later in the event, Pelosi admitted that Democrats trying to impeach Trump would be a political disaster for the Democrats.

Pelosi argued that Democrats pushing impeachment would not only fail in the Republican-controlled Senate, but it would likely not sit well with many American voters.

With the 2020 election heating up, Pelosi instead argued in favor of defeating Trump and Republicans at the ballot box, not by trying to impeach the president.

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However, she did take a few shots at Trump and claimed that the president commits impeachable offenses every day, but again said trying to impeach Trump along party lines only plays into his hands.

“Every day, he’s obstructing justice by saying this one shouldn’t testify and that one shouldn’t testify and the rest. So he’s making the case, but he’s just trying to goad us into impeachment. And wherever you go, I say to my colleagues, whatever it is, be ready. And whatever it is, we’ll be ready.”

Pelosi was then asked about the Democrats strategy to investigate Trump on every front, and appeared to imply that Democrats would investigate the president slowly over time and build a case for impeachment.

“One thing leads to another,” Pelosi added. “One hearing leads to another, where they don’t tell the truth … and that might take us to a place. We have to have more, I believe we have to have more information. But our impeachment power is a justification for our getting that other information.”

Pelosi appeared to be arguing that Democrats are building an impeachment case now, and will use it if Trump wins the 2020 election.

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