MUST SEE! Trump Jr. LIVE TWEETED During The Cohen Hearing; Here Are The Best Hits

Former Trump attorney, Michael Cohen testified before Congress on Wednesday with the intent of providing “dirt” on the President.

President Trump is currently overseas in Vietnam attempting to bring peace and denuclearization to the Koran peninsula.

During the testimony, Donald Trump Jr. provided his followers with live tweets and retweets of the testimony.

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Here is what he tweeted.

This was Trump Jr’s first tweet of the day in relation to the live testimony.

Democrats in Congress just happened to schedule the testimony during the exact time of President Trump’s meeting with Kim Jong Un.

Check out what Lynne Patton said:

I am honored to be the special guest of today. I am here in support of and in support of the truth, as Michael Cohen (knows that I know) it to be. And the truth is that it doesn’t take you 15 years to call someone a racist. Unless they’re not one.

Trump Jr. left some room for jokes as well. In the following tweet, Trump Jr. was cracking a joke about how Michael Cohen is “breaking up” with the President.

As the testimony continued, it became clear that Cohen was not actually presenting anything new to Congress. Everything he was stating was previously known publicly. Check out what Trump Jr. retweeted.

Cohen, the “star” witness, also made it clear that he had absolutely no evidence of any of the crimes that he was claiming President Trump committed. Check out what Kareem D. Lanier said.

During the testimony, Michael Cohen stated that he never wanted to work for President Trump in the White House which completely contradicts past statements from the lawyer.

Trump Jr. took this opportunity to jab at the ex-lawyer.

Sara Carter even joined in saying “Everyone in Washington D.C. circles knew Cohen desperately wanted to be in the White House and Chief of Staff.”

Eric Trump even joined in for the fun. Check out what Trump Jr, “quote” tweeted in response to Eric Trump.

One of the biggest and most powerful moments of the day came when Jim Jordan set the record straight and called out Cohen, Cohen’s lawyer and even Congress for appearing for his testimony after he lied to Congress in previous months. Watch the video below that was retweeted by Trump Jr.

Trump Jr. also claimed that Cohen was a little upset that he didn’t get his own TV show which is why he’s lashing out. This is what he said.

Trump Jr. then went on to attack Cohen’s lawyer, Lanny Davis, who was also the Clinton’s lawyer. How ironic!

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Later on in the testimony, Cohen stated that he told Wasserman-Schultz that Trump would “do anything to win” which completely contradicts previous statements from Cohen himself.

Check out a tweet by Paul Sperry which was retweeted by Trump Jr.

One of the best exchanges of the day was between Republican James Comer and Cohen. Watch it below.

A shocking moment during the testimony was when Cohen admitted that he met with Adam Schiff to prepare for the hearing.

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This is shocking news, but not surprising considering Schiff has a sneaky past when colluding behind the scenes.

Check out other tweets below that were retweeted and tweeted by Trump Jr.

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