MSNBC Guest Makes Controversial Remarks; “They’re always going to vote with their whiteness”

MSNBC guest Danielle Moodie-Mills lost her mind this week and made some incredibly racially charged comments aimed towards white voters as she talked about Democrats and their voters.

Moodie-Mills, who details in her Twitter bio that she’s a “Warrior Princess of the #Resistance, Equality Advocate, Producer, Writer, #Polinista!” had given a little more than her two cents when she suggested that Democrats should stop pandering to white people and look closer at their black voting population.

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She was highly criticized for her commentary and responded to her critics with a scathing message on Twitter.

White people who voted for former President Barack Obama might have taken particular offense to this.

First, see the video below.

From Monday night:

“Let us stop pretending that white women and white men are going to save us from ourselves … They’re always going to vote with their whiteness.”

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Moodie-Mills faced some backlash for using her racially charged language.

She then stated on Twitter, “Apparently when you say the truth some people get VERY upset about it. Understand that we can’t move forward in this country without having HONEST conversations about the part whiteness and white supremacy plays in our politics and our society.”

“I don’t“vote with my whiteness. Ever. Never have. Neither does my wife. Neither do most of my in-laws. I doubt my daughter will either when she’s old enough to vote. We vote with our humanity. But go on, show your horrible ignorance on national TV. Everyone’s doing it, right?” One user wrote on Twitter.

“W-O-W!!! What a short-sighted statement! The logic of this statement is offensive. And it’s to bad that mainstream news will allow such a statement to be made? I place 0 value on what the mainstream media has to say. What a waste of time,” another wrote in response to her comments.

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Other users asked about the double standard and if a white person said something similar, would it be condemned?

Messages like this started to flow in.

One post in particular likely caused a few laughs.

This will likely turn into a battle on social media and accomplish nothing at the end of the day.

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