HYSTERIA! Katy Tur Makes Desperate Plea; Suggests Her Life Is “Pointless” If We Don’t Fix Climate Change

MSNBC anchor Katy Tur launched into a desperate plea and told viewers that her life is pointless unless people begin addressing climate change.

During a segment on her show, Tur spoke about an article in the New Yorker about climate change.

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The piece essentially spread a myriad of dooms-day scenarios unless serious action is taken to address so-called climate change.

While reading experts from the piece, Tur made a startling claim about how she believes life is meaningless.

“I read that New Yorker article today and I thought gosh, how pointless is my life,” she said.

“And how pointless are the decisions that I make on a day-to-day basis when we are not focused on climate change every day, when it’s not leading every one of our newscasts?” she asked.

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“Fires in California are burning this quickly and this intensely because of climate change,” she tried to explain.

“Longer droughts, stronger winds and urban sprawl have made these fires worse. And do not kid yourself. It will keep getting worse every year until we, as humans, either find a solution or we move. Fires, floods, storms, famine — the effects of climate change are all around us. And according to a new essay by Bill McKibben, it’s shrinking our world. Not literally, but livably,” she continued.

Watch below:


When Tur isn’t fretting about how “pointless” her life is if climate change isn’t addressed, she’s screaming at conservative guests for daring to call out liberals for violence.

In late October, Tur exploded on conservative commentator Erick Erickson after he attempted to detail instances of liberals using violent rhetoric and language toward President Donald Trump and Republicans.

VOTE NOW: Should Trump close down the Southern Border?

“There are folks on the other side who need to tamp down their rhetoric as well,” Erickson said. “We had ricin attacks against [Republican Senators] Susan Collins and Ted Cruz last week, protesters chasing people out of restaurants. I think both sides need to calm down.”

“I do think it’s pretty clear when you’re talking about this toxic political environment that it did start with — mostly — with Donald Trump,” Tur said. “He started his campaign by calling Mexicans rapists, he repeatedly cheered on crowds that were screaming ‘lock her up’ for Hillary Clinton — ”

Erickson fired back by asking if she wanted to go back to former President Barack Obama telling supporters to bring “a gun to a knife fight.”

“No, stop, no, no, no, no, no,” Tur shouted, pointing her finger toward the screen. “Erick, let me finish, this is my show!”

Erickson shot back: “Donald Trump is not to blame for the mass shooting against Republicans last year — you had Democrats saying Republicans were killing people.”

Tur often uses her show to hurl bizarre theories and liberal talking points.

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