Move Over, Michelle! Melania’s Brave Act As FLOTUS Will Go Down In History

First Lady Melania Trump made history on Wednesday, but many in the mainstream media failed to cover it given they spent most of the week attacking President Donald Trump.

On Wednesday, the president and first lady made a surprise trip to Iraq to visit with U.S. soldiers.

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At the same time many in the media were trashing Trump for not visiting a combat zone since taking office, the first family touched down at an airbase just west of Baghdad.

Nevertheless, the anti-Trump media narrative failed to mention that Melania’s visit to the dangerous region was historical.

Only three first ladies had ever traveled to a dangerous combat zone prior to this week.

Hillary Clinton, wife to former President Bill Clinton, traveled to Bosnia, where she famously lied that she landed under “sniper fire.”

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Former President Richard Nixon’s wife, Pat Nixon, visited Vietnam in 1969.

Laura Bush, who is married to former President George W. Bush, traveled to a combat zone in Afghanistan in 2008.

And on Wednesday, Melania became the fourth first lady to visit a combat area when she traveled to Iraq.

Melania making history also comes as the media has been salivating over former First Lady Michelle Obama and her new book.

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Earlier this month, Michelle made several snide comments about President Trump’s inauguration and insulted Melania’s gift to her.

Beyond Michelle’s rude comments and the media refusing to cover Melania making history, the entire trip to Iraq was a huge success.

When Trump walked on stage Wednesday to speak to the troops, the crowd roared and broke into a chant of “USA! USA! USA!”

Watch below:

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders also shared a story on Twitter about a young man who said he reenlisted in the military because of Trump becoming commander-in-chief.

“Powerful moment – Member of United States Army told the President he came back into the military because of him. And President Trump responded, “And I am here because of you.” I met him after and he gave me the patch from his arm. Incredible. #TrumpTroopsVisit,” Sanders wrote.

Trump delivered several powerful lines during his trip to both the media and the troops.

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“We’re no longer the suckers, folks,” Trump told the service members. “We’re respected again as a nation.”

Trump also fired back at reports about his decision to pull about 2,000 U.S. troops from Syria, saying the military is still strongly positioned throughout the region to handle threats.

“There will be a strong, deliberate and orderly withdrawal of U.S. forces from Syria,” Trump said, adding that having troops in Iraq would “prevent an ISIS resurgence.”

“We can hit them so fast and so hard,” he said, adding, “they really won’t know what the hell happened.”

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