More Tough News For Dems: 2020 Candidates Less Popular Than Baby Yoda

With each and every passing day, there is another sign that none of the current crop of Democrats battling for the nomination has a chance in Hell of beating President Trump.

Thanks to CNN and MSNBC and their ludicrous series of debates in which aspiring candidates jump through flaming hoops for the most extreme elements of the base, Americans have had a good look at the whackos who would be president.

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The once-enormous field has been slowly thinned out to eliminate crackpots like Beto O’Rourke and Julian Castro and Eric Swalwell as well as the bizarre Oprah guru Marianne Willamson but the damage has been done.

In the latest example of how putrid that the 2020 Democrats are, not one of them is more popular than Star Wars figure Baby Yoda.

The cute little critter from the space franchise’s TV series The Mandalorian is beating out all of the 2020 contestants in social media interactions – this according to Axios.

Via Axios:

Baby Yoda, the juggernaut character from Disney+’s Star Wars series “The Mandalorian,” is driving almost twice as many average social media interactions on news stories about it as any 2020 Democrat, according to data from NewsWhip exclusively provided to Axios.

Why it matters: The internet’s most memeable 50-year-old broke through the online conversation in a huge way since the show’s Nov. 12 premiere — and its viral success should worry the 2020 race’s late Democratic entrants, Michael Bloomberg and Deval Patrick.

The big picture: Both Bloomberg and Patrick staked their runs on the idea that voters would hungrily embrace a fresh face to shake up the 2020 race — but compared to Baby Yoda, they’re not exactly capturing the public’s imagination.

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The story predicts that Baby Yoda’s popularity is a threat to new entrants Deval Patrick and Mayor Moneybags Michael Bloomberg but it is also kicking the hell out of Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, and even cuddly Mayor Pete.

Too bad that Baby Yoda as a fictional character can’t jump into the race because the current field of commies, cranks and con artists are already doomed only two months before the critical Iowa caucuses although a certain female version of Darth Vader is laying in the weeds awaiting her opportunity to join the party. All The Top Trump News WITHOUT The Liberal Censorship