MORE LIBERAL BIAS: Melania Snubbed By Vogue Magazine AGAIN

Yet another political snub was aimed at First Lady Melania Trump recently when the editor of the fashion magazine Vogue implied that the first lady isn’t a leader, nor a fashion icon, nor supports causes that the magazine agrees with.

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Just look at the outrageous comments she made in a recent CNN interview.

As reported by Express:

“After the defeat of Secretary Clinton in 2016, we believe that women should have a leadership position and we intend to support them.”

The famous fashion magazine recently featured Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris as it continued the trend of Democratic figures to be photographed on the front cover.

Moreover, Stormy Daniels was also on Vogue’s front cover last October while former First Lady Michelle Obama received particular praise from Ms Wintour.

Story Daniels, eh? You think that she should have “a leadership position” and you “intend to support” her? Is there no limit to your shame?

Though petty politics on the part of Vogue is not a “shocker” to any conservative, it does point out the overt hypocrisy of Wintour, who early on assured readers that Melania would appear on the cover, as is customary for 1st ladies.

As reported by Mercury News:

In April 2017, Wintour explained in an interview that readers would likely see Melania Trump in the pages of Vogue at some point, though she said nothing was immediately planned.

“We always photograph or cover in some way the first ladies, so as I’ve said before, I can’t imagine that we wouldn’t at some point cover the first lady, but we’ve got nothing planned right now,” she told the Business of Fashion.

It sounds as though “nothing planned right now” has turned into “it’s never gonna happen, ” which was something that was called out almost a year ago by conservative actor James Woods.

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He was one of the earliest critics of Vogue who brought attention to the duplicity of the magazine back in April of 2018 when he stated the following:

“If the Trumps were Democrats, Melania would be on every cover of every chic women’s magazine in the world every month.”

The aforementioned tweet can be seen below:

So although it looks like Vogue is starting to be honest about their intentions, how does this “diss” affect the 1st Lady?

Never fear, Melania-fans!

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The classy wife of the POTUS is taking it all in stride, not concerning herself with the trivial partisan-politics of a “superficial” magazine like Vogue, as noted by her publicist’s recent comments on the snub.

“Her role as First Lady of the United States and all that she does is much more important than some superficial photo shoot and cover. This just further demonstrates how biased the fashion magazine industry is, and shows how insecure and small-minded Anna Wintour really is. Unfortunately, Mrs. Trump is used to this kind of divisive behavior.”

Although Melania has been blackballed from the cover of Vogue since her marriage to Donald Trump in 2005, it sounds as though she feels that she has “been there, done that.”

In the meanwhile, Vogue can continue to put SERIOUS LEADERS on their front cover, like adult film star Stormy Daniels for instance. Now that’s leadership all democratic women can look up to.

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