Mooch And Omarosa Make MSNBC Joint Appearance To Attack Trump

The anti-Trump resistance has two new faces in disgruntled former administration members Omarosa Manigault Newman and Anthony “The Mooch” Scaramucci and they are currently making the rounds in the media.

Both Omarosa and the Mooch were flamboyant White House figures whose narcissism wore thin and the two of them were fired in what were crushing blows to their enormous egos – they neither forgave nor forgot.

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Many consider the gruesome twosome as among the worst hiring decisions made by President Trump and those folks appear to be correct now that they are trashing their former boss on cable and social media.

The new Stormy Daniels and Michael Avenatti showed up on MSNBC’s “Hardball” with Chris Matthews where they sent a thrill rocketing up the volatile host’s leg with their bitter diatribes against the man who fired them.

They are also at the tip of the spear of the upcoming effort to peel off Never Trump “Republicans” and open the door for a GOP primary challenge to the president. – The Best Collection Of Pro-Trump News On The Planet!


Via Mediaite:

Two former Trump staffers who have essentially turned on him since leaving the White House came together on MSNBC tonight to assess President Donald Trump‘s state of mind and what one of them dubbed his “mental decline.”

That’s right, it’s Omarosa Manigault-Newman and Anthony Scaramucci, in a segment that was widely derided for just being teased at by MSNBC earlier this week.

Scaramucci — who is openly talking about Trump being replaced on the GOP ticket in 2020 — made another appeal to Americans:

“We have to litigate this before the American people. Do you want somebody for the next five years that’s not going to take anybody’s counsel inside the White House and just literally be talking to himself in that stream-of-consciousness that you just witnessed in New Hampshire last night. So that’s what we’ve got to do. It’s a patriotic duty for my fellow Republicans to do that as well.”

Scaramucci has said in the past week he thinks Trump’s mental faculties are declining. Omarosa has argued the same before, and she said tonight, “What we’re watching is Donald Trump in complete and total mental decline.”

At one point Scaramucci said, “Omarosa and I were trying to help him. There were many other people in there trying to help him. Omarosa and I are willing to speak out about it. There are people behind the scenes, I talked to many of them over the last four or five days that are getting ready.”

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The renewed attacks on Trump’s sanity coincide with Scaramucci’s strange alliance with neocon Never Trump kingpin Bill Kristol who desperately tried to find an alternative to Trump in 2016 even if it would have resulted in the restoration of the Clinton dynasty.

But not all hearts were fluttering over the revenge of the bottom-feeders and the duo as well as MSNBC were roasted by many on Twitter.

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The treacherous backstabbing from two former “allies” of the president can largely be explained by the fact that Manigault-Newman’s career is in the crapper and that her only meal ticket is hating on Trump.

As for “The Mooch” there may be something more afoot in that the administration’s tough trade stance with China has hit him where it hurts – in the pocketbook.

And there is Kristol, the smirking Cheshire Cat figure who is once again determined to wage his jihad against Trump even if puts the White House into Democrat hands.

Fortunately for America, Kristol’s efforts will be as much a disaster as the wars that the little Lenin has championed as well as his backing of creepy ex-spook Evan McMullin against Trump in 2016. The man never learns and the media never considers his dismal track record before trotting him out.

Were it for CNN’s insurmountable lead, MSNBC would be a challenger for the worst “news” outlet in America.

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