Monica’s Revenge, Part 2: Lewinsky Documents to be Declassified!

Is America ready to talk about that awful stain on the blue dress again?

Ready or not, it’s happening.

One person who’s not ready for it is Bill Clinton.  Clinton thought he had put the entire affair (no pun intended) behind him, but here it is yet again!

As the investigation’s records are unsealed, Clinton is paranoid that he won’t get to “present his position” on the story.

Ummm, sorry Bill, didn’t we already hear your position 20 years ago?  You told us it depended on what the definition of “is” is.  I suppose after 20 years you’ve come up with something a little better than that?

Well you’d better bring it on, because America is about to hear the Full Monty (no pun intended), with all the gross and gruesome details declassified.

Here is more on this story, from the Washington Examiner:

Former President Bill Clinton wants to weigh in on a federal court’s decision to unseal records surrounding the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal.

Clinton’s criminal defense attorney, David Kendall, said his client wants to “present his position” about revealing to the public records related to subpoenas over the 1998 grand jury investigation into his affair with Monica Lewinsky.

CNN requested that a federal court unseal the documents.

The records detail Clinton’s own grand jury subpoena and other court documents that include a grand jury investigation into leaks.

The request to release the documents came from CNN, according to The Hill:

CNN reported Friday that a request from Clinton’s lawyer David Kendall indicates the former president will offer an opinion on whether documents that stayed secret following Ken Starr’s investigation of the president and a possible cover-up should be released to the public.

CNN filed a request arguing the records should be released, saying that they could help explain how the special counsel probe headed by Robert Mueller might seek testimony from President Trump. Clinton testified under oath before a grand jury in 1998.

The news network notes in the article that neither CNN nor the Justice Department oppose Clinton’s request to comment, making the possibility a judge will grant the request likely.

We’d love to hear what you think.

Are you tired of Bill Clinton or are you eager to see the unsealed documents?

Do you think Bill Clinton should have been removed from office?