Michelle Obama Smears Trump Inauguration Crowd, Says It Was Not ‘Reflective’ Of America

Former First Lady Michelle Obama remains a dark horse 2020 candidate if she eventually chooses to jump into the race and if she does, it will likely be lingering bitterness that spurs her to do so.

Mrs. Obama is just below Oprah in the hierarchy of liberal goddesses and over the weekend, the ex-FLOTUS took her act to the Big Easy where she dished on a variety of topics at the big Essense Festival shindig.

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Including how resentful that she was that Trump supporters who attended the traditional ceremony that shows how the USA honors the peaceful change of power with a crowd that was “NOT REFLECTIVE” of America.

During her chat with CBS News anchor Gayle King, Michelle carped about how much that she resented President Trump and wasted no time in playing the race card.

According to Barack’s better half, her spoiled daughters cried on the day that they were sent packing from their taxpayer-funded crib at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW and to add insult to injury – she had to sit with white people during Trump’s inauguration.

Oh, the horror of it all!

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Via The Hill, “Michelle Obama reveals how she felt during Trump’s inauguration”:

Former first lady Michelle Obama revealed how she felt during President Trump’s inauguration in an interview during the Essence Festival on Saturday.

Obama told journalist Gayle King that her children cried during the event because they were leaving their home of eight years.

And then we had to meet the Trumps. That day was very emotional. And then to sit at that inauguration and to look around at a crowd that was not reflective of the country, and I had to sit in that audience as one of the handfuls of people of color. All that I had to hold on to over those last eight years, and it was a lot emotionally,” Obama said.

“By the time I got on the plane, it was a release of 8 years of trying to have to show up.”

Gayle King never asked the important follow-up question about whether that may have been at least partially attributable to the Congressional Black Caucus snubbing Trump along with activist organizations calling for protests of the inauguration.

It’s understandable that a woman who was nicknamed by some as “Moochelle” would be pissed over finding a less prestigious place to live but what really eats at many Trump haters is the idea that her husband was term-limited by the U.S. Constitution although the would never admit it.

As far as the former FLOTUS, it is certainly no surprise that she would be bitching about perceived racial grievances given her well-documented history.

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She also played to the loyal audience by showing up for the festivities where she debuted her new Beyoncé look which was a huge hit in the Twitter world.

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Ironically the New Orleans setting allowed Mrs. Obama to also engage in a bit of voodoo when she stole Joe Biden’s soul and put it into a little jar.

Via ABC News, “Michelle Obama won’t comment on Biden apology, holds off on endorsement at Essence Festival”:

The former first lady also said her and her husband would not be endorsing any candidate from the crowded field, saying they would support whomever wins the primary.

“Barack and I are going to support whoever wins the primary, so … our primary focus is letting the primary process play out, because it’s very early,” she said. “I mean, that’s one of the things that we learned in the campaign. It is early; it’s like trying to figure out who’s winning the World Series on the first seven games. I mean that’s where we are right now, it is so early.”

With the ongoing disintegration of the entire Democrat field, it would be foolish to count out Mrs. Obama at this early stage and with Hillary Clinton laying low in the weeds just waiting for her opportunity to jump into the race, they may be the only two contestants to emerge from the carnage of the clown car demolition derby.

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