Michelle Obama Goes Low: Slams The Way Female Trump Voters ‘Think’

On Saturday, Michelle Obama gave a speech at the United State of Women Summit in Los Angeles. The divisive speech continued to divide women based on their political views. Michelle shamed female Trump supporters for not voting for the “most qualified” candidate because she was a female.

“In light of this last election, I’m concerned about us as women and how we think. What is going on in our heads where we let that happen, you know?”

“When the most qualified person running was a woman, and look what we did instead, I mean that says something about where we are,” she stated. “That’s what we have to explore, because if we as women are still suspicious of one another, if we still have this crazy, crazy bar for each other that we don’t have for men … if we’re not comfortable with the notion that a woman could be our president compared to … what, then we have to have those conversations with ourselves as women.”

The Daily Caller savagely points out:

It is, of course, entirely possible that women are capable of independent thought, and are not influenced by the general “sexism” of their Patriarchal community, and in comparing Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump decided that they would rather vote for Donald Trump based on any number of factors including, but not limited to, that he was not Hillary Clinton.

It’s also deeply ironic that Obama, at a conference meant to “unite” women, used her speech to criticize other women rather than making even a vain attempt at finding common ground. Feminism!

Maybe Michelle is right. Hillary was the most qualified candidate. The most qualified because she has the most experience controlling the swamp of Washington D.C. The most qualified because she was connected to every media outlet and pundit. Not to mention, Hillary Clinton rigged the DNC and had the entire DOJ weaponized.

Just weeks ago, Hillary Clinton insulted women for being coerced by their husbands, bosses, and sons to vote for Donald Trump.

The Democrats just can’t get away from insulting women and blaming them for Hillary’s loss.

So much for the Democratic Party fighting for women.

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