Michael Moore: “Biden does not generate the necessary enthusiasm that it’s going to take to get people out”

Far-left filmmaker Michael Moore, who is very vocal when it comes to politics in America, recently said during an interview with Vanity Fair that Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden doesn’t have the “enthusiasm” among voters to beat President Donald Trump in 2020.

“This has been a crazy year, a crazy election year, a crazy year on so many levels,” said Moore during the interview. “Anything you would have predicted back in December or January is out the window. The year we thought we were going to have on any level is out the window. So if it’s all out the window, what else is out the window. Nothing is lined up right this year. Just because he’s got the most delegates and everybody’s conceded, it doesn’t mean he’s going to be the nominee. They’re not even going to have a real convention. Anything can happen.”

“The Democratic establishment ditched Biden back in January, when he was losing everything so badly,” he added. “What’d they do? They changed the debate rules to let [Michael] Bloomberg in. They were so desperate. They were ready to dump Biden like a hot potato, and they will do it again if they need to.”

“Biden does not generate the necessary enthusiasm that it’s going to take to get people out,” he continued. “The Democrats are cynically counting on everyone’s desire to remove Trump.”

Moore issued a dire warning to Democrats back in September when he said that if Biden were to win the Democratic nomination, left-wing voters probably would stay home on election day.

“Our base will stay home once more if Biden is the candidate. If they see he’s in cahoots w/ fossil fuel, that he has lied,” Moore wrote. “They will not say, ‘So what — Trump’s a bigger liar!’ They will just give up. Trust me on this.”

“We need a completely honest and authentic candidate, the Anti-Trump, a street fighter, and someone who when they say they’ll take NO fossil fuel $$, they not only keep their promise, they go after tooth-and-nail and put somebody like Andrew Goldman out of business,” he tweeted. “They don’t attend a fundraiser of his fat cats!”

During a interview with MSNBC in February of 2019, Moore went off on the Democrat establishment for trying to push Biden through.

“If you’re being moderate, stop being moderate. Take a position,” Moore said. “There’s no middle ground anymore. There’s no halfway point to should somebody be paid a living wage. You know, on the issue of choice, there is no halfway there. You’re either for it or you’re against it. Do you believe in equal rights for women? Do you believe we should have an Equal Rights Amendment? There’s no middle ground. There’s no time for moderation.”

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