Michael Cohen Tries To Stay Out Of Jail After Mueller Deal

The final betrayal of President Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen took place this week when it was announced that the squealer had cut a deal with rogue prosecutor Robert Mueller and is now the star witness in what will be a shameful series of tribunals straight out of the McCarthy era.

Never mind that Cohen is a monumental liar, he hates Trump and that’s all that it takes for such an amoral charlatan to become one of the idols of the unhinged political left.

Cohen’s fortunes seemed to have increased big time, especially after Paul Manafort is unwilling to sell his soul to the devil to save his own skin and author Jerome Corsi would rather “die in jail” than assist Mueller with his framing of Trump.

Mueller’s ever-shifting case against the president now seems to be focused on scuttled plans to build a Trump hotel in Russia and as it is alleged by an FBI informant who goes by the name of “The Quarterback” was going to give the fully-demonized Vladimir Putin a $50 million penthouse apartment as a sweetener.

Now as a reward for his going along with what has all the makings of a “parallel construction” job, Cohen is trying to stay out of jail.

According to The Daily Caller, “Michael Cohen Asks Judge For No Prison Time, Citing Extensive Cooperation In Mueller Probe”:

Lawyers for Michael Cohen on Friday argued the former Trump attorney should not face jail time, citing his extensive cooperation with the special counsel’s office and federal prosecutors in Manhattan.

Cohen’s attorneys argued in a late-night court filing the longtime Trump booster lied to Congress in order to remain consistent with his former boss’s downplaying of contacts with Russia during the campaign. They also asserted Cohen orchestrated illegal campaign contributions in the form of payments to alleged Trump mistresses in order to protect the former real estate mogul.

The thrust of Cohen’s argument for leniency is his extensive cooperation in the “unique” circumstances in which the special counsel’s investigation is operating.

Cohen’s lawyers, Guy Petrillo and Amy Lester, asserted Cohen’s cooperation helped legitimize an investigation that is under constant attack by Trump. They also argue Cohen is cooperating even though Trump reportedly suggested in private he is willing to pardon associates ensnared in the special counsel’s probe.

It’s understandable that Cohen doesn’t want to go to jail because in the hierarchy of prison, snitches are only ranked a few notches above child molesters which could make any time done by this cheese-eating rat very hard time indeed.

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