MELTDOWN: Liberals Lose Their Minds Over Trump’s SCOTUS Pick; ‘Threaten The Lives Of Millions’

Liberal tears were flowing heavily on Monday night after President Donald Trump selected Judge Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court.

During an event at the White House, the president announced that Kavanaugh would be his choice to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy, who announced he would be retiring on July 31.

Within minutes of Trump’s announcement, liberals melted down on Twitter, with some claiming Kavanaugh will threaten the lives of millions of Americans:

Just like Donald Trump Jr. predicted, there was a flash flood warning because of all the liberal tears.

Despite doom-and-gloom from liberals, with some implying Trump’s pick will kill people, many praised Trump for picking Kavanaugh.

Kavanaugh currently serves on the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington, D.C. He previously worked in the White House under former President George W. Bush as a counsel to the president and, later, as staff secretary. Kavanaugh is also more conservative in his rulings than Kennedy, giving Republicans a strong 5-4 majority on the high Court.

Conservatives praised the president for nominating a strong conservative who will fight for individual and religious liberties on the nation’s highest court.

Republicans currently control a 51-49 majority in the Senate. Despite liberals inevitably throwing a never-ending pity party, there’s not much they can do to stop Trump’s pick from being confirmed.

In fact, there are currently four Senate Democrats — Sens. Joe Manchin of West Virginia, Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota, Joe Donnelly of Indiana, and Claire McCaskill of Missouri — who are in states that Trump won big in the 2016 presidential election.

These four Democrats are not only in very tight Congressional races ahead of midterm elections, they are also facing extreme pressure from their constituents to vote in favor of Trump’s SCOTUS pick.

So, even if one or two GOP Senators do not vote in favor of Trump’s pick, a handful of Democrats will more thank likely vote for Kavanaugh, to save themselves politically from voters.

When Democrats stop crying, they will undoubtedly smear and attack Kavanaugh. But Republican lawmakers are confident they will get Trump’s pick confirmed before the midterm elections in November.

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