Megyn Kelly Officially Splits From NBC And Scores A RIDICULOUS Payday

According to Fox News, Megyn Kelly has officially divorced from NBC after a tumultuous few months with their network.

“The parties have resolved their differences, and Megyn Kelly is no longer an employee of NBC,” NBC News said in a statement. The report states that Kelly is going to pocket the $30 million left of her $69 million contract. Not a bad payday…

Check out this report from the Today Show:

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Here are more details from ABC:

Talks about ending “Megyn Kelly Today” started before the blackface remarks, due to underperforming ratings and growing tensions between Kelly and NBC executives. But the Halloween controversy sealed her fate, according to sources familiar with the matter. Her talk show was cancelled within days, and her lawyer began negotiating the terms of her exit.

Kelly is halfway through a three-year contract worth a total of $69 million — an eye-popping sum even by the inflated standards of television news.

Bowing to the terms of the contract, NBC will pay Kelly the remaining sum of money, believed to total about $30 million, two of the sources said.

Kelly will be subject to an industry standard nondisparagement clause, limiting what she can say about her time at NBC and her interactions with NBC executives. Television contracts typically include language to protect both sides in the event of an ugly breakup.

Do you think she should have gotten paid tens of millions of dollars after her departure? Comment below…

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