Meghan McCain Says She’s Having “Existential Crisis”; Admits Media Will “Get Trump Re-Elected”

It appears as though Meghan McCain is starting to doubt the authenticity of her role as a conservative talk show host on ABC’s The View.  She and the co-hosts of the popular daytime talk show took turns sounding off on Monday about the major victory for the Trump administration over the weekend.

As reported by Newsbusters:

Even as many in the media admitted defeat, after the Special Counsel report revealed no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia in the 2016 election, the hosts of ABC’s The View refused to concede this whole charade over collusion was over. Co-host Sunny Hostin expressed the table’s sentiment the best, gushing, “We don’t know anything [yet]!”

“I’m reluctant to talk about it at all because we [the public] don’t know anything,” Hostin said to start the show, Monday. Fellow co-host Whoopi Goldberg agreed. “We know what’s in that four-page memo. That’s all we know.”

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Joy Behar even went as far as saying that Attorney General William Barr was purposely hired to protect Trump:

“To that point, didn’t Barr sort of audition for the job. Before he was even hired he said there is no basis for obstruction of justice. This is what the Attorney General said before he even got the job. That’s why he got the job.”

Behar also stated:

“Why did he keep his conversations with Putin secret, for example? Why did he ask Comey to go easy on Flynn? Those are like little questions that sound like obstruction to me, so I don’t buy that he’s completely exonerated, the way he just said.”

So what were the thoughts of the more conservative-leaning co-hosts?

As reported by the Daily Beast:

For former Fox News host Abby Huntsman, the report’s apparent conclusion was good news.

“It did say in the report that Russia was clearly trying to impact our elections and that is a serious, serious issue,” Huntsman said. “But what obviously the big finding was that, no, there was no collusion between Trump or any American for that matter when it comes to colluding with Russia, which I would say, whether you like the president or you hate him, that’s something we should all be happy about. The alternative is our president colluding with the Russian government. That’s a pretty bad place to be.”

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So at this point, the question should be asked about how Meghan McCain responded to the news. As a self-proclaimed enemy of Trump, audience members were watching closely to see how she would react to Trump’s huge win.

Watch their whining and gnashing of teeth below:

The Daily Beast continued the story:

Then there was Meghan McCain, who said she felt like she was in a “sensory deprivation tank” over the weekend because she doesn’t “know what’s going on.”

“I’m exhausted and exacerbated by media coverage of this, because it was hyped so much,” McCain said. “I don’t have a horse in this race in the sense that I actually came in here today and I was like maybe the person sitting in this specific chair should be a Trumper, because I don’t like him and I think he has the mental and emotional capacity of King Joffrey in Game of Thrones, but that doesn’t make him a Russian spy.”

And I actually have been like having a sort of existential crisis with this,” she continued. “Because I’m not a Trump supporter. I’m a hardcore conservative. I’m not a Trump populist. And this is where divisions lie as we’ve been talking about on this show. Trumpers love this, and by the way, this could get him re-elected, the media getting so out over their skis with this and saying it’s collusion, he was a Russian spy.”

Her “existential crisis” is not uncommon as many Hollywood elite are having their own crisis after learning the no-collusion news. Perhaps The View should have someone else sitting in McCain’s “specific chair” for a conservative?

What are your thoughts? Leave them in the comment box below!

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