MEDIA FAIL: New Poll Shows President Trump’s Support Absolutely SOARING

A recent poll from Politico shows that support for President Trump and his border wall is growing. This comes after 2 years of constant bashing of President Trump from the media and the Democrat party.

Check out what Breitbart reported:

On January 30, this very same Politico/Morning Consult poll showed that 47 percent oppose building a wall along our southern border, while 45 percent want to see a wall constructed. In a poll released Wednesday, those opposed have remained steady at 47 percent, but now the same number, 47 percent, want to see the wall built.

Trump’s job approval rating also improved. Last week, only 41 percent of those polled approved of the job the president is doing, with 56 percent saying they disapprove. That number has now jumped to 45 percent approve, with a narrow majority of 51 percent disapproving.

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Although these numbers that Politico is reporting are slightly different than the recent Rasmussen poll which showed President Trump’s approval rating at 52%, both polls show the same upward trend in Trump’s overall approval. Pretty impressive considering the media spends almost all of their time attacking President Trump.

So why are President Trump’s approval numbers increasing so much? Check out what Breitbart had to say:

As far as Trump goes, his policies have produced real results. The economy is on fire, wages are increasing for the first time in forever, and manufacturing jobs are making a comeback. In foreign policy, Trump has strengthened America’s position in the world, tamed North Korea, kept us out of stupid wars, and kept his promises when it comes to removing our troops from endless wars.

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The American people aren’t dumb. They have the ability to focus on President Trump’s accomplishments instead of letting the media tell them what to think. The majority of Americans are noticing how Trump’s policies are improving their everyday lives and how they are improving the United States as a whole.

This is what Bill Mitchell had to say about Trump’s approval rating:

Not only is Trump beating Obama’s approval rating at this point in his presidency, but unlike Obama, Trump gets 92% of negative coverage. Obama was basically adored by the media for his entire time in office, yet Trump’s approval ratings are higher! Pretty impressive if you ask me.

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