Meathead Meltdown: Rob Reiner Accuses Christians Of Making ‘A Pact With Putin’

Overstuffed celebrity has-been Rob Reiner is once again showing that he is in need of some serious medication with an unhinged outburst directed at Christians.

It is no secret that the radical left despises Christianity, has little use for God and have taken their attacks on people of faith to extremes and that is exactly what the activist director has done with his latest demented tweet.

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According to the 72-year-old resistance leader, Evangelical Christians are allied with white supremacists and both have made a pact with Russian leader Vladimir Putin to defend President Trump from the impeachment lynch mob.

Mr. Reiner’s obsession is often displayed on Twitter but his latest missive was particularly ugly as it comes during the traditional Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

“Every elected Republican knows that this President is guilty of countless Impeachable offenses. But they, along with many White Evangelicals & White Supremacists have made a pact with Putin. But unlike a pact with the Devil, this one can be unsigned.”

It must have been a pretty crappy Thanksgiving at the Reiner compound and prior to turkey day, the Hollywood poobah offered up advice to liberals on how to hijack the holiday.

Via Breitbart, “Rob Reiner Promotes ‘How to Talk About Impeachment This Thanksgiving’ Guide”:

Left-wing Hollywood director Rob Reiner is hellbent on seeing President Donald Trump impeached. And now he’s shared with his Twitter followers a “How to Talk About Impeachment This Thanksgiving” guide just in time for the holiday.

“If someone in your family wants to make Thanksgiving dinner about defending Trump’s high crimes, here’s how you can be prepared,” Rob Reiner said in a tweet that has been deleted. “These are the four key arguments in the case for impeachment and removal. Be ready before you sit.”

Reiner’s missive also included a link to the website Need to Impeach, a platform replete with a “collection of articles, graphics, and key facts to bring to the dinner table this Thanksgiving,” the website reads.

What a miserable prick…

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It’s brutally obvious that Reiner hates Trump, rejects the idea of free and fair elections and has continually aligned himself with some of the worst elements of the Deep State in promoting the thoroughly discredited Russian collusion conspiracy theory.

It’s been nearly a half-century since Reiner became a star for his portray of Archie Bunker’s pinko son-in-law Mike Stivic in the classic sitcom All In The Family and for a long time, he parlayed his fame into a successful career as a director.

But it’s also been years since Reiner’s heyday of The Princess Bride, When Harry Met Sally and A Few Good Men and he has struggled creatively as he’s been sucked down by his late-stage Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Reiner has truly suffered immensely since the 2016 election and should seriously consider an extended vacation in a facility staffed with mental health professionals because the man is clearly in need of help.

It must have really been hard for him to deal with the aftermath of Hillary’s big gag job after he hosted a fundraiser for her at his Los Angeles home and never got to be invited to those swanky affairs at the Clinton White House that he expected. All The Top Trump News WITHOUT The Liberal Censorship

Perhaps that’s what’s really at the core of what is eating these celebs with their enormous sense of entitlement and gargantuan egos.

One can even see in Reiner the decay of American liberalism itself.

From the idealistic young Mike Stivic to a raving fascist crank who now champions measures that would typically be found in despotic third-world countries instead of a land where a democratic process allows for a peaceful way to change leadership.

Like his fellow leftist travelers, Reiner seems to have embraced the allure of totalitarian methods as a resolution for political differences

Perhaps Archie Bunker put it best – JUST STIFLE YOURSELF MEATHEAD!