Mayor Pete In Trouble, Hit With News That Could Upend 2020 Campaign

Trouble could be looming for Democrat presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg after a conservative watchdog group filed a lawsuit to gain access to information over a voter id card program.

The lawsuit is seeking documents that would confirm that Buttigieg and his lackeys were using taxpayer funds to benefit illegal immigrants with the un-implied quid pro quo that they would repay the Democrats with their votes.

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Following a blazing hot start for the mayor of smallish South Bend, Indiana, the liberal darling has plummeted in polls after a white police officer shot and killed a criminal of color who was coming at him with a knife.

The ensuing fallout put “Mayor Pete” on the spot between outraged black constituents demanding the officer’s head and his own police department which he stabbed in the back for political expediency.

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The controversy only underscored the problems that Buttigieg (pronounced Boot-Edge-Edge) has had with appealing to black voters despite his race-baiting demagoguery and puckering up to plant his lips on Al Sharpton’s buttocks.

Now he is facing even more problems with the Judicial Watch lawsuit that seeks to pry loose emails relating to a South Bend voter id card program for illegal immigrants.

The lawsuit alleges that Mayor Pete and the city council violated state public records laws in regard to the ID card program.

Via The South Bend Tribune, “Conservative group Judicial Watch sues South Bend over immigrant ID card records”:

A conservative Washington-based group has sued the Mayor Pete Buttigieg administration and South Bend Common Council, alleging the city has violated Indiana’s public records law by refusing to disclose staff emails related to a program that provides identification cards to undocumented immigrants.

The suit, filed this week in St. Joseph Circuit Court by Judicial Watch, details four denied records requests that the organization filed with the city. The requests sought emails exchanged between various city officials and La Casa de Amistad, the nonprofit Latino advocacy group that issues the cards.

La Casa in December 2016 began issuing the community resident card, branded as “SB ID,” to undocumented immigrants to help them conduct routine daily activities, such as picking up children from school or day care, providing identification to police, obtaining college transcripts, library cards and prescriptions, and clearing background checks needed to volunteer at schools.

According to Judicial Watch:

On December 16, 2016, the South Bend Tribune reported that, “A nonprofit Latino advocacy group … unveiled a new identification card it hopes will make life easier for undocumented immigrants who live in [South Bend].” La Casa de Amistad Inc. are the creators of this “SB ID.” Mayor Pete Buttigieg reportedly worked “closely with La Casa de Amistad, South Bend’s main Latino outreach center … and the nonprofit’s executive director, Sam Centellas,” to create a “Community Resident Card … created and distributed by the group — a private organization — not the city.” “Buttigieg’s part to make it all work was to sign an executive order requiring local services and institutions — like law enforcement, schools, the water utility and libraries — to accept the card as a valid form of identification.”

Judicial Watch filed suit after the City of South Bend failed to respond as required by law to open records requests on June 22, 2019, seeking emails between Buttigieg, members of his staff and officials of La Casa de Amistad regarding the Community Resident Card program.

Prior to South Bend ignoring the June 22, 2019 APRA request, the city refused Judicial Watch APRA requests for similar public information multiple times between June 24, 2019 and July 18, 2019. Each time, South Bend said the requests were too broad and not “reasonably particular.” After each refusal, Judicial Watch would comply with South Bend’s suggestion to limit their request. After four exchanges, South Bend produced Mayor Buttigeig’s executive order and 2 information bulletins that were already publicly accessible.

“Mayor Buttigieg’s city administration in South Bend is in cover-up mode on his work for special ID cards to make it easier for illegal aliens to stay in the United States contrary to law,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “Judicial Watch made simple open records requests and have faced nothing but games from the Buttigieg administration – which is why we had to sue.”

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Additional background from a 2016 South Bend Tribune story on the program in question:

Democratic Mayor Pete Buttigieg posed for a picture to have his SB ID card made Thursday. He said the initiative is consistent with the values that guide his administration: excellence, innovation, accountability, inclusion and empowerment.

“Something like a municipal ID or city ID, that allows you to be a card-carrying member of the city of South Bend, is an important thing that allows people to be better included and to be more empowered,” Buttigieg said. “We have got to make sure that the city is supporting everyone who lives here.”

The mayor said he will sign an executive order Friday morning requiring city departments, such as police, fire and parks, to recognize the ID.

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Mayor Pete has been marketed as the moral conscience of middle America – the areas that cost Hillary the election – as well as the defender of American jobs and yet this program which colluded with an activist organization only serves to confirm that the Democrats couldn’t care less about those voters.

While Buttigieg is still raking in the campaign cash – Hollywood adores him because he is openly gay – a major public corruption scandal could see the flood of money cut off to a man who is already unelectable due to his lack of experience.

Like the other Dem flash in the pan the hapless Beto O’Rourke, Mayor Pete may soon feel like a bug that meets the windshield.

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