Mark Ruffalo goes FULL RACIST; Starts petition for NBC to stop hiring “White Conservatives”

This is the Democratic party, folks

Actor Mark Ruffalo isn’t shy about his feelings about White Conservatives, and he has created a petition to tell the world about it. Over the weekend, the liberal actor started a petition to “stop the white conservative hiring spree”.

This is clearly a racist and bigoted petition, seeing that he’s hoping to stop people from being hired at NBC based on race and political view. Sadly, his liberal followers are joining in on the racist fun…as 175,000 people have already signed it.

More from the Washington Times:

“Hollywood’s current “Bruce Banner” is angry that right-leaning and conservative commentators like Nicole Wallace, Hugh Hewitt, and George Will are allowed airtime on NBC and MSNBC. The actor, known for supporting the campaigns of Democrat politicians and environmental groups, is urging over 3 million Twitter followers to quash the shift by Andrew Lack, the chairman of NBC News and MSNBC.

Once Twitter saw his racist and bigoted petition, they didn’t hold back their opinion:

Sadly, as we mentioned above, the petition has over 175,000 signatures. This means that the racist Democratic party is making advances, and it’s truly a sad thing to see.

After seeing all this disgusting outrage, can you IMAGINE the freakout they’ll have if Trump wins again in 2020?!? I can’t wait for that joyous day!