Mark Levin: ‘President Trump Will Give A Speech To The Nation, Whether Pelosi Likes It Or Not’

Democrat Nancy Pelosi seems to have trouble with distinguishing between the Speaker Of The House and a queen as her demand that President Trump postpone the annual State Of The Union address would certainly qualify as an unreasonable demand.

The septuagenarian “master legislator” was able to tamp down internal resistance to her “leadership” within her own party as the young socialist bloc lead by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez keeps getting stronger and are just waiting for any major missteps by a woman whose speeches are marked by weird tics, garbled syntax and other signs of what could possibly be dementia.

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But you have to give it to Pelosi, she is relentless.

However, her major miscalculation is that her cadre of California crazies like Adam Schiff, Maxine Waters, Ted Lieu, Jackie Speier, and Eric Swalwell may be loyal to the end to the aging San Franciscan but her castle is built on a foundation of sand and in her hubris, she has made a monumental strategic blunder by betting the proverbial house on a very nasty personal battle with President Trump.

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The last thing that Pelosi wants as she and her fellow Dems duck and dodge responsibility for their shutdown of the government is for Trump to be afforded a nationally televised forum like the SOTU to make his case which could be her worst nightmare.

Regardless of what Nancy is fantasizing about, President Trump will make his speech even if it’s not in the traditional setting of the House Of Representatives.

Take that to the bank according to conservative Mark Levin.

Courtesy of The Conservative Review:

The president of the United States didn’t start this,” Levin reminded listeners. “Nancy Pelosi withdrawing, effectively, her invitation to the president of the United States to give the State of the Union address in the House of Representatives: That’s the first time in American history — in the last century — that that’s ever been done, ever. And I guess the Republicans are so used to a president rolling over and just wringing his hands and saying, ‘That’s not nice’ … that they have trouble comprehending when a president of the United States stands up not just for himself, not just for you, the people who voted for him and support him, but for the Constitution.”

Levin suggested that instead of having a rally in lieu of the State of the Union address, the president should hold the address in the Senate.

“The United States Capitol building, ladies and gentlemen, belongs to you. It does not belong to Nancy Pelosi. It doesn’t belong to the Democrats. The president of the United States is going to give a speech to the nation, whether Pelosi likes it or not. And he ought to give the speech to the nation from the same building as every other president has used. And do it from the Senate: Explain that it’s perfectly safe and secure there, call her out in a very statesman-like way, and explain what he’s having to deal with. If he goes out in the country, in Kansas, or Wyoming, or Montana, or whatever it is, it kind of loses its environment and its appeal, as far as I’m concerned. The American people need to know what’s going on, that it’s not just another rally.”

“You’re with the people; we know that. Stand your ground. Do not surrender the United States Capitol to Nancy Pelosi. Do not surrender the United States Capitol to Chuck Schumer. Stand there: State of the Union, to the United States, and the American people, and the entire world,” he said.

Listen HERE.

Trump continues to show Pelosi who’s really the boss after he canceled the military flight for a junket on Thursday and could drop the hammer tomorrow afternoon when he makes a big announcement that’s scheduled for 3 pm ET.

Nancy should have just retired to spare herself of the coming embarrassment but it’s going to be one helluva a show seeing her get her comeuppance.

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