Man Banned From Disney World After Waving Trump 2020 Banner While On Ride

A man has been banned from Walt Disney World property after he waved a Trump 2020 banner while on a water ride.

As reported by FOX 35 Orlando, Dion Cini was captured holding a Trump 2020 banner on Splash Mountain.  The ride picture reportedly came with a note from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office saying that Cini trespassed and his conduct is not welcomed on Disney property.  Cini says that after taking the picture, he was escorted off property and he is now banned from all Disney World properties, including the theme parks, resorts, and Disney Springs.

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Cini was also banned from Disney property in September for turning the entrance to the Magic Kingdom into a makeshift Trump Tower, after displaying a large “Re-Elect Trump Keep America Great 2020” banner high over Main Street.

The banner was so large he had to enlist the help of another Disney patron to hold it up.  They held it up for roughly 90 seconds.

Cini, a Disney Pass-holder for 26 years said that he spend a great deal of time scoping out the park to ensure his banner would be seen and reported on by the media.  He called it a form or Gorilla Marketing.

Walt Disney World did allow Cini to come back to the parks after the first incident under the precondition that he would not hang flags to incite crowds.

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Cini told the news station that he did not incite any crowds, so he should not have been kicked off property. He says that he won’t break the law though, so he won’t be going back to Walt Disney World. However, he did say he will continue to fly Trump 2020 banners around the country and that the banners will get even bigger.

What are your thoughts of Cini efforts?  Did Disney go too far or do you feel the punishment fits the crime?