Major Poll Has Huge News For Trump – The Media Will NEVER Show You This

Although many news sites would prefer to focus on polls that show the Democrats in a better light, it appears as the newest September poll from The Economist and YouGov show a shocking revelation that the Left does NOT want you to know — Trump has a more “favorable” reaction from respondents.

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Check out what the Daily Wire had to say about it:

The in-depth, comprehensive poll from The Economist and YouGov, taken between September 1-3, showed 43% of respondents with a favorable response to Trump; 29% had a “very favorable” reaction and an additional 14% had a “somewhat favorable” response.

Among the three leading Democrats, only 40% had a favorable reaction to Biden, with a paltry 17% of respondents having a “very favorable” reaction and an additional 23% with a “somewhat favorable” reaction.

Warren got a total of 39% of respondents giving her a favorable reaction, 20% of whom had a “very favorable: reaction and 19% with a “somewhat favorable” reaction. Sanders got the most favorable reaction of the three top candidates as he barely edged out Biden with 41% of respondents having a favorable reaction, but he still ranked 2% behind Trump. 18% of voters gave Sanders a “very favorable” rating while 23% gave him a “somewhat favorable” response.

This poll sounds like great news for the president, right?

But it goes even further than favorability.

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The poll also challenged recent reports that all of the democratic top runners will be able to beat Trump in 2020:

Another piece of evidence with good news for Trump: asked whether their candidate would defeat or lose to Trump in 2020, Biden was 10% underwater, with 32% of voters agreeing he would probably beat Trump but 42% saying he would probably lose. Warren fared even worse, at 16% underwater; 28% thought she would probably win and 44% thought she would probably lose, while Sanders brought up the rear at 17% underwater, as 29% of voters thought he would probably win but 46% thought he would probably lose. (Just a note: Senator Kamala Harris lagged far behind the top three candidates at a whopping 24% underwater.)

Kamala Harris is so far under water, in fact, that this poll was used to show how far she has fallen.

Rather than reporting on the information about Trump’s favorability in the Economist/YouGov poll, the National Review instead wrote an article saying that “the most accurate poll” (ahem, let’s igore the one that makes Trump look good) shows that all of the top democratic candidates can beat Trump.

From the National Review:

The poll that most closely predicted the outcome of the 2016 presidential election shows Joe Biden and several other Democratic candidates beating President Trump in a 2020 general-election matchup.

Biden would beat Trump by twelve points in a general election, garnering 54 percent support to Trump’s 42 percent, according to the September IBD/TIPP poll. Senators Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, Bernie Sanders of Vermont, and Kamala Harris of California also lead Trump by three to four points, close to within the margin of error.

Hmm… so something just doesn’t add up. They’re calling the IBD/TIPP poll the “most accurate?”

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Out of the 21 polls that IBD/TIPP conducted in 2016, they showed Hillary winning in all of them but 3- 1 showed Trump ahead by 1 point, and the other two showed as a tie.  And this is the most “accurate?”

The 2016 polls were a joke, and everybody knows it. They were so off that it’s almost comical to look them up. Almost every poll predicted Hillary would win definitively.

Now compare those polls to the ones for the 2020 election. Most are still predicting a Trump loss (oh, silly fake news), but much fewer than in 2016.

So in light of this evidence, doesn’t it actually predict that Trump is going to have a massive slam dunk?

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