WHAT? John McCain Wants WAR WITH RUSSIA In Order To Defend Tiny NATO Country

Dyspeptic warmonger John McCain is unraveling at a quicker pace than normal these days.

The six-term senator who is a nominal Republican might as well be a part of the Democratic Party for his Russian conspiracy mongering and hatred for President Trump and maybe, secretly he is.

In his third volcanic outburst in as many days, the ailing senator let loose with another rant against Trump over his summit with Russian leader Vladimir Putin and his perception that the POTUS is insufficiently enthusiastic about the defense of Montenegro.

In case Americans are wondering, Montenegro is a crappy little Balkan country with a population of 647,073 that according to the 2017 CIA World Factbook, is “slightly smaller than Connecticut” but McCain would gladly risk World War III over it.

In his latest Twitter tirade, McCain ranted:

McCain’s outburst retweeted a 2017 USA Today op-ed in which he tried to make the case for the addition of Montenegro to NATO as if it were the pivotal country that was a bulwark against the paranoid delusion that Putin was reconstituting the old Soviet Union which is asinine.

Last year he also accused Senator Rand Paul of working for Putin on the Senate floor when the Republican balked at a vote that could potentially put American lives at risk if Article 5 was invoked.

Senator Paul mocked McCain as being “past his prime” and “unhinged” and said that McCain’s bellicose foreign policy was dangerous for America. He also pointed out the obvious that the crazy codger made a heck of a case for term limits.

That was before old blood and guts came down with brain cancer and now is immune to criticism for his clearly unhinged behavior.

What was eating McCain?

Comments that President Trump made during an interview with Fox’s Tucker Carlson as reported by The Hill:

Trump during an interview that aired late Tuesday was asked by Fox News’s Tucker Carlson why his son should “go to Montenegro to defend it from attack?”
“I’ve asked the same question,” Trump responded. “Montenegro is a tiny country with very strong people. … They are very aggressive people, they may get aggressive, and congratulations, you are in World War III.”

Under Article 5 of NATO, every member nation must defend a fellow member nation if it is attacked. Article 5 has only been invoked after the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the U.S.

One really has to come away with the idea that being accused of “working” for Putin or “playing into Putin’s hands” only means that you are someone that John McCain disagrees with.

In defense of Montenegro, the scenery is absolutely stunning but there is no just defense of  McCain who has become an embarrassment to not only the Senate but to the country as a whole and who should have retired long ago.

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