Lunchbucket Joe Trips Over His Tongue Again; Refers To POTUS As ‘Donald Hump’

Once again, bumbling Joe Biden is in the news for all the wrong reasons with yet another inexplicable gaffe, the latest in a long and ugly series of misstatements.

It’s been a summer to forget for Barack Obama’s former second banana and current Democrat frontrunner who is still seen by many as the only electable candidate in the enormous field of loons that are duking it out for the nomination.

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Capping off a week when the geriatric gaff machine mistakenly said that George W. Bush was the nation’s last president and when his eye filled with blood during CNN’s marathon climate change clown show, lunchbucket Joe stepped in it again.

During a Saturday speech at the New Hampshire Democratic Convention, Biden slipped up and referred to President Trump as “Donald Hump” which may get a lot of laughs from the liberal Twitter mob but is yet another sign that the ex-veep is senile.

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Via The Washington Examiner, “Biden coughs repeatedly and calls Trump ‘President Hump’ at New Hampshire Democratic gathering”:

Former Vice President Joe Biden fell into a near-coughing fit and called President Trump “President Hump” during his address to the New Hampshire Democratic Party Convention Saturday morning.

The sporadic coughs came between remarks the former vice president made criticizing President Trump over the administration’s immigration policies.

“We have 330 million Americans that have to do what this president can’t do, stand together and stand up against this god-awful situation we face with him as president. Stand up for our best, what our nation believes,” he said. “We believe in honesty, decency, treating everyone with dignity and respect, giving everyone a fair shot and leaving no one behind. And giving hate no safe harbor. Demonizing no one — not the poor, the powerless, the immigrant, the other (cough) and maybe most importantly, leading, not by the example of our power but by the power of our example as we always have.”

He continued, “Being part of something bigger than ourselves. It’s a code. It’s been the American code. It’s who we are, and President Trump does not get it (cough).

He explained, “I believe history will look back at this presidency as an aberrant moment in time. But if ‘Donald Hump’ … Donald Trump is reelected — Freudian slip. If Donald Trump is reelected, he will forever and fundamentally alter the character of this nation.”

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Biden dismissed his mental slippage as a mere “Freudian slip” but anyone who has seen the video can clearly see that it wasn’t, it was just one more Biden mental blunder on top of a growing pile.

That Biden was also wracked by coughing fits brings back memories of Hillary Clinton who in the stretch run before the 2016 election, hacked up a lung so often during speeches that her health became a major issue. She, of course, blamed it all on the Russians.

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With Biden’s candidacy already in big trouble thanks to the candidate’s proclivity for tripping over his own tongue, memory lapses and just making stuff up, one has to wonder whether the Democrat leadership will pull the plug and spare the old codger any more embarrassment.

God forbid if he manages to make it to the nomination because he will be a basket case by the time that he makes it to the first debate against Trump who will brutally humiliate Biden in front of a national television audience and march on a road of donkey bones to reelection. All The Top Trump News WITHOUT The Liberal Censorship