Look Who made Donald Trumps Shortlist for Vice President

Donald Trump has reduced his list of candidates for Vice President. Trump’s campaign has stated they are close to picking a running mate. These are the 10 names insiders see as most likely picks.

The Hill Reports:
1. Ohio Gov. John Kasich
Kasich is a no-brainer — a candidate who seems laboratory-designed to be the perfect VP pick.

2. Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker
Corker added fuel to already burning VP rumors when he paid a visit to Trump Tower in Manhattan last week. The Tennessee lawmaker told reporters they shouldn’t read anything into the meeting and that the two men mostly discussed foreign policy, but sources close to and inside the Trump campaign readily mention Corker’s name when they speculate about the VP shortlist.

3. Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.)
Trump values loyalty, and he’s had no better congressional surrogate than Blackburn. Flick on a Sunday political TV show and you’ll likely see Blackburn defending Trump against whatever the Democrat panelist is throwing at him.

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