LOL: Hillary’s ‘Muumuu’ Ignites Firestorm Across Internet; ‘WHAT IS SHE WEARING?!’

Twice failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton ignited a firestorm online over the weekend when she wore a “muumuu” to attack President Donald Trump.

As noted by The Daily Wire, not many are sure what a “muumuu” is or why Clinton would ever think it was a good idea to wear one into public, but apparently she wanted to be comfortable when claiming Trump wasn’t fit to be president.

While speaking at Ozyfest on Saturday in Central Park, Clinton wore a light blue muumuu — or house coat — over a pair of white pants and brown canvas shoes.

Her outfit ignited a firestorm online, with many poking fun at the former secretary of state for wearing a nightgown to attack Trump, who handily defeated Clinton in the 2016 presidential election.

In a live discussion in the park’s Rumsey Playfield, Clinton criticized Trump for his immigration policies as well as his summit in Finland last week with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

She said the United States has had decades of “absorbing immigrants” and “opening the doors,” saying Trump clamping down on immigration and wanting to secure the border isn’t to the nation’s advantage.

Clinton went on to insult Americans, saying anyone who doesn’t believe Trump’s policies have “hurt America,” she continued, “they’re not walking around with their eyes open.”

While Clinton was spewing liberal talking points, she didn’t offer a single solution or idea to fix the problems she claims are dire. In fact, she had an entire agenda for America — but it was rejected by voters in the 2016 election.

Beyond that, it’s quite amazing to see Clinton go from being a presidential candidate to wearing a nightgown in public when trying to attack Trump, who is in the White House.

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